Trending Office Furniture Style Guide to Help You Style Your Office in 2021

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Whether you want to redesign your home office to make it more conducive to remote work or you’re designing your workspace for your startup, it’s essential to pay attention to the style. A well-designed space can have a positive impact on an employee’s mental state and productivity. You want to create an environment where you or your staff are comfortable and can work with minimal distractions.

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Classic and Elegant: Traditional Office Style

Popular in legal offices, the formal elegance of this design style communicates professionalism and trustworthiness. Characterized by deep browns and heavy woodwork, traditional office furniture tends to be large and imposing, giving it a sophisticated and classic vibe.

Desks and bookcases include intricate details like pilasters, crown molding, parquet panels, picture frame trim, and bun feet, showing strong attention to detail. Not to be outdone, even the chairs are opulent, with wood frames, leather upholstery, nailhead trim, button tufting, and elaborate scrollwork.

Cherry and mahogany are popular wood choices for traditional office furniture, making it more expensive than other interior design schemes. If you seek to create a timeless office space, traditional office style is your best bet.

Making the Old New: Mid-Century Modern Office Style

It’s true what they say: what’s old is new again. This style pays homage to the 1950s and 1960s with an updated twist, so it feels simultaneously retro but sophisticated.

Mid-century modern office furniture incorporates angled desk legs but makes it modern by adding an expansive glass work surface, and striped woods are common. The key to successfully designing a mid-century modern office, whether at home or a workplace, is to incorporate colorful accents through statement wall art, displaying clocks that double as funky art pieces and bright-colored rugs in exciting patterns.

Sleek and Minimal: Modern Office Style

Startups favor modern office style for its quirky yet flexible qualities. The minimalist vibe in modern offices presents a clean, sleek look that is soothing and conducive to productivity and creativity.

Modern office furniture has a streamlined silhouette, utilizing neutral colors like gray, black, and white to complement bold design choices. White desks are standard in this style as is lightweight furniture that is easy to move around when rearranging coworking spaces.

Because of its minimalist aesthetic, you’ll want to embellish the area with distinctive, statement decor to provide visual interest. Bold artwork, real or artificial plants, and bright accent pieces will give the space more interest without overwhelming or distracting workers.

Mission Office Style

Want something classic but not too lavish? Mission office style incorporates the heaviness and seriousness of the traditional style but prioritizes straight lines and 90-degree angles.

First popularized at the turn of the 20th century, mission office furniture highlights the integrity of the construction, with exposed joints and simple design features. Natural woodgrains are showcased, with oak preferred over the darker woods of traditional office style. Utility and practicality rule the design, with metal accents common.

Bringing the Outdoors Inside: Rustic Office Style

The rustic office style exudes cozy comfort with its weatherworn vibe. Wood features prominently in the larger furniture pieces, but unlike traditional-style woods, it appears weathered and worn, like it was rescued from an old barn and given new life.

The wood isn’t the only piece of nature making its way indoors. Potted plants (real or artificial), leather accents, and natural fiber rugs add a holistic element to the space and break up the solid, warm tones of the wood. Welcoming and soothing, rustic style makes you or your employees feel a sense of calm and coziness.

Celebrating the Utilitarian: Industrial Office Style

The industrial office style takes the elements of old factories and buildings and celebrates them instead of hiding them. Exposed metal appears throughout the industrial office style, especially as legs and framework for furniture pieces like desks, bookcases, and tables. Woods serving as surfaces are often weathered to give them an older appearance. Metal stools are popular seating options, or choose upholstered leather for a more comfortable seating option.

When selecting colors for an industrial office style, it’s important to mix and match, but stick to blacks, whites, grays, mossy greens, and rusty reds. This blend of organic elements like wood with metallic metals often creates a more masculine vibe than other styles, so soften it by including more feminine accents.

Blending Classic and Sleek: Transitional Office Style

If you like the traditional office style but worry it is too upscale for you, transitional office style blends the traditional with the modern for a more subtle aesthetic.

Furniture in this style is often straight but intentionally includes some of the curved lines that make traditional office design so appealing. It prioritizes classic and comfortable over flashiness. When creating a transitional design, utilize any colors popular in modern style, but soften them. Neutrals, warm, and cool tones all work for this modern take on traditional style.

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