Tips for Finding the Perfect Office Furniture in Puerto Rico

Writen by Gerson Torres
When it comes to finding the perfect office furniture setup, the main focus should be on selecting comfortable, supportive pieces that also promote productivity. OFX Office has an extensive range of ergonomic office furniture to help you create a stylish and pleasant office environment. Here are some helpful tips for selecting office furniture to improve staff efficiency and workflow.


Measure Your Office Space

Before you start looking for office furniture, measure your space. This ensures your office furniture fits into your workplace layout and can fit through doorways.

Start by making a rough sketch of the room layout. Use a tape measure and measure the length and width of the space. Note wall corners, power outlets, window sills, fire exits, doorways, and other potential obstructions that require clearance. Then measure the overall height of your space.

Once you have the correct measurements, apply them to your rough sketch. Then, you will have an accurate diagram of the space you are working with, allowing you to choose office furniture that maximizes your total square footage.

Choose Function Over Style

While style is important for curating an aesthetically pleasing work environment, your office furniture must be primarily functional with features like ample storage and an ergonomic design. Find chairs that are comfortable with adjustable features for people of different shapes and sizes. Ensure that your chairs also have adjustable armrests to ensure that employees can work comfortably for extended periods.

Look for a bookshelf or a filing cabinet with enough space for extra office supplies and document storage. Most importantly, look for office furniture that is going to last you long term. Opt for durable materials like solid or manufactured wood frames and stainless steel hardware. If you’re a gamer, don’t buy a standard office desk; look for a gaming desk with cable management features to organize the numerous cables and wires from consoles, PCs, keyboards, and modems.

Align Your Furniture Style With Your Brand

Branding is just as critical in an office space as it is for your marketing strategies. You must ensure that your office furniture matches the color, aesthetic, and design elements found in your logo or brand identity. This ensures the pieces invoke the right emotions and convey your brand’s message if clients visit your office space. It also helps to create a sense of brand loyalty and company pride among employees.

Consider Ergonomics

Ergonomic chairs are crucial for office workers who spend most of the day seated. An ergonomically designed chair allows you to sit comfortably, maintaining contact between your back and the back of the seat. It also allows you to keep your hips slightly above the knees while keeping the lumbar spine supported to prevent slouching.

It's important to be able to adjust the height of a chair to ensure that all employees can sit in a supported position that protects their spine. But perhaps most important of all is to find a chair that provides adjustable lumbar support to ease pressure on the lower spine. At OFX Office furniture Puerto Rico, you can find a range of chairs that come with lumbar support to help you keep a healthy posture while you work. The Titan Pro Big and Tall chair comes with a removable lumbar cushion that you can move up or down the chair to fit the contours of your body. It also features a tilt-adjust mechanism, enabling you to recline the backrest when you need a break.

For office desks, consider investing in standing models to encourage employees to move around and prevent numerous health problems associated with sedentary office work. At OFX Office, we stock height adjustable office desks, including the LocTek Single Motor Sit to Stand Desk, giving employees the option to sit or stand to complete their work.

Set Your Budget

Buying office furniture requires careful financial planning to avoid overspending. Set a firm but realistic budget and commit to sticking to it throughout your furniture selection process. Don’t forget to take shipping costs into account when budgeting. At OFX Office, you can find affordable shipping from our office depot in Puerto Rico to all four corners of the island.

Plan for the Future

Office furniture has to be flexible to meet the needs of your employees and grow along with your business. Invest in high-quality products made from durable materials that are easy to keep clean.

Also, consider office furniture that is multifunctional so you can use it in various locations around your office. Buy tables with rolling casters, such as the Folding Training Table from OFX Office. The tabletop conveniently folds down, and the casters unlock, allowing you to move the table from room to room or reconfigure your space to accommodate increased staff.

Get All Your Furniture in One Place

Purchase your office furniture at OFX Office for high-quality pieces that support your health and encourage a more productive workplace. OFX Office has everything you need, from gaming desks and chairs to filing cabinets, office desks, and office chairs in Puerto Rico.

Shopping for office furniture in Puerto Rico is made easy with the selection available at OFX Office. When shopping online, employ these tips to ensure your purchases fit properly in your space and complement your existing design elements. Reduce the stress of refurbishing and redecorating an office space by opting for our shipping services. You can have your new pieces brought right to your doorstep anywhere in Puerto Rico.