Which Type of Gaming Chair is the Best for You?

Writen by Gerson Torres

The gaming world has expanded significantly over the past decade, with approximately 2.81 billion gamers worldwide as of 2021. While much of this growth is attributed to the emergence of mobile gaming, over half of gamers play on personalized computers (PCs), and 43% of US gamers play on consoles. With the average gamer spending over 8 hours per week on their respective gaming platforms, having a comfortable chair is often a priority.

Gaming chairs are not only important for comfort, but they are also crucial for spine health and gaming performance. A quality chair promotes good posture and supports your body, so your back and muscles don’t have to.

As gaming continues to grow and become recognized as a career or esport, casual and professional players seek every opportunity to gain an edge. Certain chairs are designed for specific types of gaming. These are crafted with special features to maximize gaming performance and comfort.

What to Look for in a Gaming Chair

Before deciding on what type of chair you need, you must first know what to look for. Depending on your height and weight, how long you tend to game for, and your gaming setup, you may need particular features. Some of the most important considerations include:

Type of Gaming

Many people don’t realize that the type of gaming you do can influence what chairs best suit your needs. While console gamers often play on televisions from a chair or sofa, PC gamers tend to have an office-style setup. This means that PC gaming seats need similar features to an office chair.

Mobile and console gamers are more flexible in their positioning and can opt for alternative types of chairs, such as low back seats or rockers.

  • Height

Choosing the right height for your gaming chair is very important. It ensures that your back and neck are fully supported, and the seat is at the appropriate height for your legs and feet, keeping them at a 90° angle to the floor for optimal spine health.

  • Ergonomics

Ergonomics are some of the most important aspects of a quality gaming chair. Sitting for several hours can negatively impact blood circulation and lead to long-term back pain. Simple ergonomic designs such as a padded backrest and lumbar cushions can give added support, improving posture and reducing the need to slouch. If you’re going to spend a lot of time gaming, look for a chair with an ergonomic design, such as those developed by Beast Gaming.

  • Adjustability

Ergonomics and adjustability go hand-in-hand when it comes to gaming chairs. Many gaming chairs are height adjustable and can be tilted to give you better support, maneuverability, and comfort. Quality seats can come with adjustable arm and headrests (known as 4D), lumbar cushions, and footrests for posture control and comfort over long gaming sessions.

Types of Gaming Chairs

There are three main types of gaming chairs, each of which has its own purpose and advantages. There are chairs to suit all budgets, from lightweight, budget-friendly seats to feature-filled luxury gaming chairs.

At OFX Office, we have numerous high-quality gaming chairs in a variety of styles. We are a leading supplier of Beast Gaming equipment, so if you’re in the market for a Beast Gaming chair, consider one of the following types:

  • Racing Style Chairs

Racing style gaming chairs are designed to imitate professional automotive racing seats, combined with the flexible features of an office chair. They typically feature high padded backrests with winged shoulder and hip support, as well as a shock-absorbing wheelbase and padded seating, making them perfectly suited to such as PC and console gaming.

The Beast Sirena racing-style gaming chair is built with a sturdy metal frame in an ergonomic design. The height and armrests are adjustable; it has a 165° backrest tilt and a 360° swivel rotation, allowing gamers to choose the perfect position for a racing or regular game. The Beast chair comes with additional cushions and supports for comfort.

  • Big and Tall Chairs

Bigger gamers understand the struggle of finding a comfortable seating position for game nights. Big and tall chairs are designed for a larger body frame. They are built to support heavier weights, and the height adjustments are suited to taller people.

The Titan Big and Tall gaming chair has a four gas lift that can support up to 330 lbs. It has an ergonomic design, and its memory foam cushioning is covered with environment PU leather for durability and comfort. The Titan is built with a racing-style frame but is adjustable and suits virtually all styles of gaming.

  • Low Back Chairs

Low back gaming chairs are designed for those with a smaller frame or younger gamers. They are lower to the ground and have a shorter backrest, giving someone with a smaller body more support. These are much smaller than the bulkier, big and tall, or racing style gaming chairs, making them perfect for a teen’s bedroom.

The Beast Chupacabra low back gaming chair is a high-quality, low back chair designed for young gamers. It has an anatomically contoured seat design, adjustable height mechanism, and a tilt tension control, ensuring plenty of support for a developing body. It is capable of supporting up to 275 lbs., meaning it can last for several years.

  • Choosing the Right Chair

Choosing the right chair comes down to playing style, budget, and size. A premium racing style chair from Beast gaming is ideal for casual and professional gamers to support your posture and protect your spine. For Beast Gaming chairs in various styles and colors that are packed full of amazing features, visit OFX Office. Our Beast gaming line features a host of high-performance equipment, from ergonomic chairs to specialized gaming desks. Visit our website to explore our full range today.