Can Plexiglass Stop COVID?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Record vaccination numbers here in Puerto Rico mean a reduction in COVID restrictions, but businesses are still responsible for protecting their workers, clients, and customers.
One way to help protect your staff and clients is by using acrylic barriers. But can plexiglass stop COVID-19 transmission? How effective is it?
We're covering everything you need to know. Keep reading to find the answers and learn more about using plexiglass to block COVID in your business.

How Is COVID Transmitted?

Before we dive into the effectiveness of using acrylic barriers, it's important to understand how the coronavirus disease spreads.
The World Health Organization states there are several ways it can spread between people. Current evidence leads us to believe the virus is spread between people that are within close contact with one another.
The virus can come from an infected person's nose or mouth when they breathe, talk, cough, or sneeze. Another person can come into contact with and inhale the small liquid particles from the infected individual. The virus can also be spread if the particles come into direct contact with another person's eyes, mouth, or nose.
Additionally, the virus can spread in crowded areas or areas with poor ventilation. People can also become infected by touching their mouth, nose, or eyes after touching any contaminated objects.

Guidelines for Staying Safe

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) currently recommend getting vaccinated and staying up to date with COVID-19 vaccinations. Vaccinations are highly effective against the virus.
Individuals should wear masks indoors. They should also wear them in areas where the risk of transmission is high, such as crowded places.
Additionally, it's recommended that people stay six feet apart in public. This is incredibly important if you are at a higher risk of getting sick from COVID.
It's also recommended to clean high-touch surfaces often. In a business, this could mean regularly cleaning desktops, credit card readers, retail counters, and so on.

How Do Acrylic Barriers Work?

Many businesses across the world, from grocery stores to retail stores to restaurants and everywhere in between installed plexiglass barriers to help prevent the spread of COVID.
Plastic shields, like our acrylic barriers, allow a clear line of view between employees and customers or clients. The design also allows for easy conversation between individuals, while offering additional protection.
Certain barrier styles are designed to go on top of existing workspaces, such as tables and desks. Our portable screens are easy to install anywhere. Our speak-through barriers allow for easier communication.
Acrylic barriers can work anywhere, protecting office workers, cashiers, bank tellers, and more. You can find multiple designs for your business, depending on the location and intended purpose.

Can Plexiglass Stop COVID?

These plastic barriers can act as "sneeze guards" or an extra layer of defense against someone that coughs. That said, using acrylic barriers for COVID is not a replacement for other guidelines, such as wearing masks and properly sanitizing.
It's important to note that plexiglass barriers aren't the only solution your business should use if you want to stop the transmission of the virus. They are not COVID-proof barriers, but they can help to reduce the transmission of COVID and protect your workers from being sneezed or coughed on.
The barrier is designed to capture large droplets, which may reduce the chance of transmission.
Barriers or partitions protect the face and mucous membranes from droplets produced when an infected individual coughs, sneezes, breathes or speaks. When used in addition to other precautions, such as wearing a mask, maintaining a safe distance, and washing and sanitizing surfaces, it may help reduce the spread of transmission.

The Benefits and Uses of Plexiglass

There are many benefits of using plexiglass to block COVID.
Acrylic barriers are easy to access. We offer various different styles and sizes to suit any business purpose. For instance, our acrylic barriers for six users allow workers to focus on their tasks, communicate clearly, and stay safe.
Plastic barriers also create a division, allowing each worker to have their own personal space.
Room dividers can protect workers against clients or customers entering the building. It provides a measure of added protection. This is especially valuable in hospitals and other healthcare settings.
Room dividers are often used when a health check is necessary, such as symptom and temperature screening.
Desktop barriers can be placed on any table surface. They allow for easy communication and have a small "window" for credit card readers, handling IDs or cash, and so on.
Plastic barriers are also easy to keep clean. You can clean and sanitize the surface between customers or at the end of the day. It's recommended that you clean the surface at least after each shift using an acrylic-safe disinfectant.

Tips for Maximizing Plexiglass Barriers

Besides using the tips above, we recommend thinking about each area in your business where you plan to install barriers. Consider the following questions:

  • How many people do you need to separate?
  • Do you want a desktop barrier or a larger divider?
  • Is portability important?
  • Do you need a pass-through window or speak-through hole?
  • Freestanding or mounted?
  • Do you need a booth or a screen?

Understanding what you need and where the barrier will go will help you choose the best acrylic barrier for your needs. You can also send your questions, and we'll be happy to help you choose the right solutions.
It's also important to keep your barrier clean and make sure it's in the best possible spot to protect your workers.

Installing Plexiglass Barriers in Your Business

While plastic barriers on their own aren't enough to stop the transmission of COVID, they are useful in protecting your workers from droplets spread when an individual sneezes or coughs. As such, they're helpful when used in combination with other recommended methods of preventing the spread of COVID.
We're the leading provider in Puerto Rico, and our acrylic barriers are designed to keep your employees safe. Reach out to us today to learn more about our office solutions, including how we can help you design your own space.