Which Features Make the Best Gaming Desk?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

If you’re a PC gamer, one of the most worthwhile accessories you can invest in is a dedicated gaming desk. The best gaming desk is designed to meet your needs regarding space, ergonomics, storage, and managing your other electronic devices.

Enough Space

Sufficient space is one of the most important criteria for a PC gaming setup. You need enough space for your monitor, keyboard and mouse, and a mouse pad. If you have multiple monitors, you need to account for this and any other peripherals, such as a headphone stand or charging bank, you need to keep on hand. Many gaming monitors are between 22” and 30” wide, diagonally, so if you have two monitors side by side, you may need a desk between 40” and 60” in width. Always measure the horizontal width of your monitors to find the most accurate measurement of the desk width you need.

The depth from the front of the desk to the rear depends on the depth of the keyboard you use. If your keyboard has a depth of 10”, for example, and you add the space between the keyboard and the monitor and the monitor and rear of the desk, you may need a desk with a depth of between 20” and 30”. However, you don’t only need space for your equipment. You should also have enough room to maneuver comfortably. Feeling confined during an intense online race or match can negatively impact your performance.

Most gaming desks are rectangular, which is simple and functional. However, L-shaped desks are a versatile choice, providing two tabletops joined at an angle. This allows you to place your gaming monitor on one half and your laptop on the other. There’s also ample space for a printer or a desk lamp. The best desk shape also depends on the layout of your living room, bedroom, or game room. A U-shaped desk provides three tabletops for maximum space. However, this is unsuitable for rooms where floor space is limited.

Monitor Stands

A gaming desk should provide either a monitor stand or a monitor arm that allows you to adjust the height and angle of the monitor for the perfect balance between comfort and visibility. Having the monitor set at the incorrect height can cause neck and eye strain, especially when you’re playing for hours at a time. The distance also matters: too close or too far away can cause discomfort over time. If the desk doesn’t include a monitor arm, it should have the necessary grommet to accommodate one.

If you buy a gaming desk with a monitor arm or attach one separately, always make sure it’s compatible with the monitor you own or intend to buy. The manufacturer should list compatible sizes and models on its website.

Adjustable Height

For the most ergonomic option, consider a desk that offers height adjustability. You should be able to set the height of your desk as high or low as necessary for your comfort. Sitting behind a desk for extended periods can adversely affect your health, increasing your risk of obesity and high blood pressure.

A standing desk provides a versatile option for the health-conscious gamer. You can find desks with either manually or electrically operated adjustment features. This type of desk allows you to easily sit or stand, either while gaming or taking breaks. The manually operated variety uses leveling glides, keeping the system simple and affordable without sacrificing functionality.


Adequate Storage

In today’s increasingly digital video-game landscape, the need for physical storage space is less important than it was 15 or 20 years ago since almost everything is digitized and downloadable. However, integral storage compartments can reduce cable clutter and keep your gaming accessories accessible to you at all times.

Many gamers also use their desks for work or to study, especially if they work from home. Having shelf space available for power banks, spare batteries for your gaming mouse, books, magazines, and other materials for quick reference can increase the general-purpose use of your desk.

In addition, video game developers still release physical copies of games and collector’s editions, and many gamers display figurines or keep old hard copies on hand. So, you may want to increase the available storage space to account for this. Some minimalist designs have a shelf under the worktop for additional storage.

Outlets and Cable Management

Your gaming desk should allow you to keep your electronics charged and ready for use and promote organization.

  • Power outlets

A desk with a power strip or outlets or USB ports allows you to keep your electronic devices, such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, charging when idle.

  • Cable management

Cable management refers to features that keep your wires organized, protected, and properly routed. Managing your cables using grommets and other integral holes or slots ensures you’re able to reduce clutter and keep your wires out of the way.

Desk Materials

Your desk should be durable, rigidly constructed, and able to support the weight of your gaming rig and any other equipment that you need to store. But the materials you choose should also be easy to clean and maintain.

Wooden gaming desks provide a balance between durability, wear resistance, and cost. You can also find gaming desks made from carbon fiber, which is lightweight and rigid. One of the advantages of a lightweight desk is that you can safely and comfortably move it from one room to another. You may not even have to remove anything from it. However, carbon fiber is also expensive.

Stainless steel, while heavier, is less expensive and offers high strength and weight capacity. Unlike powder-coated carbon or alloy steels, stainless steel is resistant to corrosion.

Optional Extras

  • Accessory holders

You should also have a place to rest your headset when not in use. Holders for cups, controllers, headsets and routers attached to the sides increase the desk’s versatility.

  • Drawers or shelves

Some gaming desks also feature drawers for enclosed storage space. If you have items that you need protected, these can be a better option than exposed shelves. Jewel cases, for example, are fragile. If you own games on discs or still use music CDs, it could be a good idea to place these in a secure area.

Keyboard trays

A keyboard tray is a shelf that slides on rails under the desk tabletop. When you need access to your keyboard, simply slide it out from underneath the desk. Some gamers like keyboard trays because they leave the tabletop uncluttered. However, these trays are also less durable than the top of your desk.

  • Textured surfaces

    Some of the best gaming desk models feature a textured surface for gaming without a mouse mat. The texture increases the mouse’s detection accuracy for a faster gaming experience.

    • RGB lighting

    RGB (red, green, blue) lighting adds ambiance to your gaming setup. A desk that features LED bulbs can also increase visibility without ruining the mood.

    Don’t Neglect Your Chair

    If you’re investing in a high-quality gaming desk, you should have a chair to match. Standard office chairs don’t always provide the necessary cushioning or lumbar support for PC gamers that a dedicated gaming chair does. These chairs feature armrest and backrest adjustability, memory foam padding for extra comfort, and the ability to set the seat angle.

    Find the Best Gaming Desk for Your Budget

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