Two Important Reasons Why You Need Executive Office Desk

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Office managers and other C-level executives enjoy the benefits of bigger workspaces and have different office furniture needs than their employees. Managers require larger work surfaces and more storage spaces from their desks to manage their workload and deal with business needs properly.

They also need furniture that highlights their role in the company. As a manager, you won’t want a mass-produced desk like those in your employees’ cubicles. An executive office desk offers the sophistication and workspace your job demands.

What is an Executive Office Desk

An executive desk is often wider and deeper than your typical office desk. Their appearance looks more like a piece of furniture, and it’s designed to accompany the style of other furniture you choose to have in your office.

This desk’s large, flat surface allows you to spread out paperwork and files while working on your computer. Executive desks typically have a larger footprint and fit better in spacious rooms or office interiors.

The executive desk’s larger footprint also includes room for storage. Some executive desks have drawers or filing cabinets built-in along the sides of the desk. Take the Versa desk, for example. This contemporary style desk comes with two filing pedestals attached to each side of the desk.

The locking drawers keep your letter and legal-size documents safe. The drawers on this desk have a ball-bearing suspension system for easy opening and closing. The cherry finish gives it an air of sophistication and professionalism, so it’s a great choice if you’re considering an executive desk.

A sleek executive desk alternative

If you don’t require a filing system, consider an executive desk option such as the Versa Bow-Front Desk. The bow-shaped front edge of this desk gives it a contemporary but professional appeal.

Its slightly larger size at 71” x 30” leaves you with plenty of work surface. The drawers of this desk have a central locking mechanism for added security. Like the other Versa executive desk, this model is available in a cherry finish that complements any office space.

The Two Reasons You Need an Executive Desk

Executive desks aren’t just for CEOs and office managers. Anyone can work using one of these larger pieces, no matter your employment level. You can even use an executive desk in your home office if your space can accommodate the size of the desk. You may be under the impression any desk allows you to do your work, but executive office desks offer benefits that others can’t.

For making great first impressions

Desks say a lot about the person sitting behind them. Executive desks help you make better first impressions with the employees you lead and clients you work with. You will look more professional and seem more like a corporate leader by using an executive desk.

A more traditional style executive desk helps you appear more confident, while a contemporary style desk shows that you’re forward-thinking and innovative. Think about what impression you want to express with your desk.

A cluttered desk or office gives off the impression that you’re stressed, disorganized, or don’t know what you’re doing. The drawers and filing cabinets in your executive desk can help you organize and manage your paperwork.

Clients won’t have to see you fumbling through piles of folders to find the right material and think you’re not up for the job. Instead, you’ll appear confident and prepared to lead your team or close the deal.

The larger surface area of an executive desk also leaves room for your essentials and space to go over contracts or forms when needed. It has the space required for meetings but isn’t overwhelming in size like a large conference table. Meeting with clients in your office instead of a conference room shows that you care about their needs and makes them feel like they are getting one-on-one attention from you.

Build employees’ confidence in you

Having an executive desk completely changes the atmosphere of your office and work environment. Having the right desk makes you feel more confident and helps create a sense of professionalism in an otherwise casual workplace. Many offices have switched to open concept work areas that don’t segregate management from their employees. An executive desk can provide a degree of separation that allows you to maintain your role as the leader.

For your office to run efficiently, employees need to trust you and have confidence in your leadership abilities. Your work environment directly affects your self-esteem, so it’s critical to ensure the impact is positive. When you feel good about going to work each day, enjoy where you sit, the space you work in, and like the way others view you, your quality of life is higher. This sense of confidence permeates every aspect of your job, and your employees are more likely to respond well to an optimistic, self-assured manager.

When you lead by example, you gain respect in addition to your employees’ trust. An executive office desk can have this effect if you select a piece for your office that improves the space and helps you enjoy your work more. You can avoid making the desk look standoffish by incorporating office chairs into your setup, so employees always have a comfortable place to sit if they want to have a chat. 

What to Pair with Your Executive Desk

You’ll want to be careful about choosing other furniture pieces to go alongside your executive desk in your office. Keep the style and design of other items to match or complement your desk and keep your office looking professional. Even if your office is small, there will be other furniture pieces you need to complete your space.

Small conference table

Management level positions require more responsibility, including conducting meetings with your employees. If the size of your office allows, you may want to include a small conference table alongside your executive desk.

The Versa Round Conference Table is compact enough at 39” wide to fit in most office designs while giving you enough space to meet with workers or clients. Its durable finish comes in cherry to match your executive desk, so your office has a professional and cohesive style.

Executive office chairs

Unlike standing desks, which allow you to sit or stand during your workday, executive desks are meant for sitting. To reduce strain on your body during the workday, it’s smart to pair your executive desk with an ergonomically designed executive chair.

Executive office chairs offer lumbar support and seats made from high-density foam so you can be supported and comfortable during a stressful workday. A Class 3 gas lift allows you to adjust your ergonomic chair for the perfect height to reduce strain and fatigue. Executive chairs like these are the ideal companion for your executive desk.

Find Your Executive Office Desk With OFX Office

Executive desks offer maximum workspace and storage to workers of all levels. The right executive desk shows off your professionalism and can make you feel more confident.

The design of your desk may even improve your productivity. You don’t have to be a C-level employee to use an executive desk. If you have the space, anyone can benefit from incorporating this style into their office.

Workers looking for an executive desk should consider OFX Office. We offer a wide range of executive office furniture, including executive desks, conference tables, and executive chairs. We can help you design an office that gives off a great first impression. Contact us today to find out more.