How to Set Up Your Small Desk for Gaming and Streaming

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Whether you’re a casual gamer or a professional streamer, you understand the benefits of a good gaming setup. For the everyday gamer, a well-managed space reduces clutter and creates an enjoyable environment to play your favorite games. Streamers rely on an optimized setup to place multiple monitors and store equipment. Their space must also look good on camera for the enjoyment of their fans.

Limited space creates challenges for gamers. While office workers often thrive in minimalist setups, the same principles don’t apply to the gaming world. Gamers need specific equipment, like tripods and monitor mounts, to optimize the streaming experience, all of which require space. Fortunately, there are several key ways to set up a small gaming station without sacrificing comfort or gaming performance.

Focus On Creating Vertical Space

The biggest issue with a small desk is space. Virtually all streamers use dual monitors to seamlessly flow between games and their chat. A single monitor is inadequate if gamers want to check direct messages, read their feed, interact with Discord, or take care of other technical aspects of their stream.
While you can purchase smaller monitors to fit your compact setup, this may come at the expense of performance and experience. Instead, gamers should consider installing a monitor arm to take advantage of vertical space. Wall-mounted monitor arms elevate your monitors from the desktop and allow you to adjust the viewing angle, keeping your desk free from clutter.

At OFX Office, we provide monitor arms for single and multiple screens. Our mounts are built from aluminum and are capable of holding monitors up to 32”. As most high-level streamers and gamers use 24” monitors, these arms are excellent options. The arms also allow you to tilt the angle of the gaming monitor from -90° to +90°.

Adjustability is an essential aspect of a dynamic gaming desk setup. Our mounts allow you to adjust your monitor to eye level or place it away from the desk to create space. This contributes to a more ergonomic setup.

Storage is Key

If you have a small gaming desk, you must invest in strategic storage. Fortunately, several types of storage accessories can save a lot of surface space. Gamers and streamers spend most of their sessions wearing gaming headsets. Create a dedicated space for headsets by installing hooks or hangers underneath or on the sides of the desk.

Gaming equipment is expensive. Streamers often invest tens of thousands of dollars into their setup. A cup holder helps keep your drinks or snacks secure while you’re engrossed in a game, protecting your equipment.

Another useful space saver is a mounted controller rack. Not only does this provide an excellent place to store your controllers, but it also allows you to show off your controller collection on stream. Streamers strive to gain controller sponsorships, so they should prioritize a neat display rack.

We provide a variety of controller holders, from small racks to larger units capable of holding multiple controllers. Our controller racks are lightweight but durable. The black powder coating ensures that it can be a mainstay in your gaming setup for many years.

Light Up Your Setup

Gamers jump at every opportunity to stamp their personality on their gaming area. If you’ve upgraded your PC setup, installed racks and hooks, and are looking for a way to make the desk pop, consider LED-colored lighting.

If you take a look at any of the top Twitch streamers currently live on the platform, you’ll notice a common theme: Dimmed overhead lighting with RGB backlights, LED strips, and other glowing peripheral lights.

These complement the modern equipment and set a calm, relaxing mood. When immersed in a gaming session, the last thing you need is bright white lights causing eye strain. Create a fully customized gaming desk through multicolored RGB or LED lights.

Many of our high-quality gaming products and accessories come with built-in lights. This saves you the inconvenience of installing separate lights on your small table. We provide keyboards, mouse pads, mouse and keyboard sets, and desks containing integrated lights, providing the perfect way to upgrade your setup instantly.

The Archaeo is one of our most comprehensive desks, with integrated RGB lights, a headset hook, cup holder, smart wireless charging, USB port, and a storage bin. It is built from carbon fiber PVC, giving it durability and longevity. While it has built-in extras, the table can be easily accessorized further.

Scale Down Your Keyboard

One of the downsides of PC gaming is the amount of space you need for equipment. Consider downsizing to a one-handed keyboard if you haven’t done so already. While you may need to keep a full-sized keyboard close by for work or emails, a one-handed gaming set is a worthwhile addition to your compact rig.

Our Meetion keyboard is a plug-and-play, one-handed keyboard that features a numeric pad and multimedia keys. It is waterproof, ergonomically designed, and compatible with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Mac OS. This is an excellent scaled-down option for first-person shooters, role player games, and other popular streaming titles.

Invest in a Quality Gaming Chair

Whether you have a standard or standing desk, all gamers should prioritize a quality chair. Your chair must promote good posture and provide adequate support for your spine. When searching for a gaming chair, some of the most important features to look out for include:

  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable headrests
  • Armrests
  • Tilt function
  • Swivel rotation
  • Metal frame
  • Gas lift support
  • Ergonomic design

Our Titan Pro gaming chair is a high-quality seat that can add a touch of luxury to your streaming setup. Its ergonomic design and strong metal construction ensure long-lasting support for regular and occasional gamers. The seats are stuffed with memory foam, and the PU leather finish looks and feels great. It also comes with an extra headrest and backrest supports.

Don’t Slack On Cable Management

Cable management doesn’t necessarily impact viewer enjoyment, but it can have a major effect on the flow of your setup. A small desk can get cluttered easily, particularly if you use dual monitors, green screens, and separate PCs for playing and streaming. Good cable management keeps the space organized, making it easier to keep clean.

At OFX Office, we understand the importance of a cable-free gaming station. We stock flexible ducts to help organize and hide all A/C cables and create a more comfortable gaming environment. It is available in white or silver to match the aesthetic of your setup.

We also provide USB connector desk assistants containing four fully powered ports. With multiple devices running at any one time during a stream, this space-efficient device provides a convenient method for charging your controller, phone, or headset as you play.

Avoid Large Sound Systems

While you may want a large, powerful sound system to complete your gaming hub, it is highly impractical for a small space. Invest in a high-quality headset rather than taking up valuable space with large speakers. A good headset can improve gaming performance and improve the audio quality of your stream.

We supply a range of headsets, from budget-friendly options to more comprehensive sets. Our Fantech hexagonal headset is popular among streamers. It has a noise-canceling microphone and surround sound. The built-in RGB lights look great on screen when broadcasting live.

If you want to take the audio quality up another notch, opt for a separate microphone for speaking to your audience. Our Beast Gaming adjustable microphone is a compact and cost-effective option that can quickly upgrade your setup.

Optimize Your Gaming Station With OFX Office

From professional-grade chairs to high-quality accessories, OFX Office can help you create the perfect gaming and streaming setup. When space is at a minimum, look to accessories and specialist products to improve efficiency and space management. Visit our online store to view our full range of gaming products.