Are L-Shaped Desks Good for PC Gaming?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

A high-quality PC gaming setup is more powerful and efficient than a console. Gaming PCs have better graphics cards and processors, putting them at the forefront of modern gaming.

L-shaped gaming desks are becoming extremely popular for PC users. They offer a lot of space and double as workstations for a home office. Whether you’re upgrading your gaming setup or need a bigger desk for your PC, consider a high-quality L-shaped unit. At OFX Office, we supply L-shaped desks in various styles, ensuring you can find the perfect option for your space. 

Benefits of an L-Shaped Gaming Desk

L-shaped gaming desks come in different styles and sizes, from corner gaming desks to standing desks. Some are equipped with built-in features, while others are customizable. Whether you opt for a modern powder-coated table or a more heavy-duty engineered wood desk, there are some key advantages to an L-shape:

Surface space

L-shaped desks are made from two separate tables, joined at one end. This gives PC gamers double the surface space. One of the main advantages of PC gaming is choosing between a controller or a keyboard and mouse. If you prefer to play with a mouse, the more space you have for a mouse pad, the better.

A lot of PC gamers use dual monitors. What’s more, with the rise of streaming in recent years, some even use more than two monitors. Many PC gamers use one monitor for playing, another for interacting with their chat, a third to manage the stream, and a fourth to access a web browser. An L-shaped desk affords PC users enough surface space to hold all this equipment safely.


Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people working from home. Remote workers worldwide have begun to see the value in high-quality gaming equipment for professional use.

An L-shaped desk can easily double as a workstation for working from home or completing academic assignments. Large desks may even have enough space for more than one person to work.

During the day, you can use your gaming room as an office. Dim the lights, fire up your LEDs and bring the gaming station to life in the evening.


Gaming rooms become disorganized very quickly if they aren’t set up correctly. An L-shaped desk provides enough space to store and organize all your equipment. The larger the desk, the easier it is to manage cables and wires from headsets, computers components, and controllers.

If you need additional help with cable management, use cable ducts from OFX Office. We provide white and silver options, allowing you to match the material to your existing setup.

Space efficiency

L-shaped desks are a space-efficient solution for small game rooms. They can slot neatly into the corner of the room, taking up minimal space while offering ample storage. Space efficiency is key since a game room is likely set up in an attic, basement, or spare room.


PC gamers should be cognizant of ergonomics. This essentially means they purchase equipment designed for efficient and safe use. With an L-shaped desk, gamers can arrange screens, controllers, keyboards, and other equipment in reachable positions, reducing the need to extend or strain the body. L-shaped desks typically offer more space for the legs, allowing you to stretch out or raise your feet if needed.

Storage space

With more surface room and space beneath the desk, L-shaped tables provide plenty of storage. At OFX Office, we provide a range of space-saving desks. Our Deluxe, frosted glass, metal frame desk is the perfect option for your modern game room. The clean finish means it looks great with minimal equipment. However, it is easy to accessorize, and the frosted glass top looks stunning when it’s lit up with LED strips.

If you’re looking for a more traditional style option, consider the Versa free standing desk. It is easy to assemble and is durable, capable of supporting large PC gaming rigs. The clean design and modern construction allow you to accessorize it with controller holders, headset racks, and various styles of monitor stands. It also has built-in cable management grommets, helping you maintain an organized work surface.

Choosing the Right Desk

When choosing an L-shaped desk for your game room, there are some important considerations:


Before pulling the trigger on a desk, take measurements of your space. It’s never a good idea to guesstimate furniture sizes, especially when it’s a corner unit. Knowing what size desk you need allows you to narrow your search and find the ideal match for your setup.

Besides sizing up the space in your room, figure out how much desktop room you need for your monitors and computer console. The desk height is also important, particularly if you play using a keyboard and mouse.


PC equipment can be heavy and bulky, which puts a lot of pressure on a desk. Opt for a sturdy and durable table to keep your PC safe and ensure your desk’s longevity.

Our carbon fiber, minimalist, scratch-resistant game station is a sleek option for amateur gamers or professional streamers. The back and sides of the desk are open, giving you room to move around or place additional storage units. The carbon fiber top is durable and lightweight, so you can reconfigure the desk if needed.

Potential for accessories

Putting a personal touch on your PC gaming setup can help create a more relaxing and enjoyable environment. Accessories are a practical way of improving the appearance of a gaming setup. Our powder-coated cup, router, controller, and headset holders can be installed on your desk, giving you a cool way to display your gear.

Another great space-saving accessory for a smaller L-shaped desk is a monitor arm. We provide spring-assisted monitor arms for holding single or multiple monitors. These arms are manufactured with high-quality aluminum and can support up to 19.8 pounds. The arms are adjustable, allowing you to find the perfect position for your gaming station.

If you plan on upgrading your desk with accessories, ensure there’s enough space to install them. If the accessories need to be mounted using drills and tools, exercise caution and have the necessary equipment on hand.


A major advantage of an L-shaped desk is the amount of space it affords gamers. However, for PC gaming, space isn’t the only important factor. There must be adequate ventilation and accessibility to the console to prevent your system from overheating.

Surface space or open space beneath the desk is best for PC gaming, allowing plenty of airflow through the rig. Consider a mobile storage box if you require drawers for storing games, spare keyboards, VR goggles, and other materials. One of our most popular PC gaming and home offices options is our Versa bundle. This package includes an L-shaped desk and an executive chair. The chair features a height-adjustable headrest, high back, and a four-position tilting mechanism, providing plenty of back support. The back and sides of the desk are partially open, providing storage space and ventilation.

Create Your Dream PC Gaming Setup With an L-Shaped Desk

Building the perfect PC gaming setup involves choosing the right material to finding the best accessories. An L-shaped desk is an excellent base to develop your PC rig around. Visit OFX Office today and browse our full selection of desks, chairs, and accessories. We stock a wide range of high-quality products that enhance amateur and professional setups.