Online Shipping Guide for Computer Desks

Writen by Gerson Torres

If you spend a lot of time on a computer, you’ll appreciate the advantages of a good desk. A suitable and high-quality computer desk can boost productivity and efficiency levels while adding to your overall comfort, whereas a makeshift table can contribute to back pain, making your workday much harder to get through.  If you’re upgrading your home office , creating your dream gaming setup, or you require new desks for your business, doing your research and determining what you need helps ensure you get the perfect piece. Desk height, shape, size, and the amount of storage it contains play an important role in your decision. When purchasing furniture online, it’s difficult to know what pieces best suit your design space. OFX Office is a leading provider of computer desks, stocking various styles and designs to complement your existing decor. This shopping guide can help you select the right desk for your needs while shopping online. 

Computer Desks

What is the Purpose of Your Desk?

While writing, executive, and decorative style desks may look good, they are often unsuitable for computers. If they lack space on or under the desk or don’t have adequate storage, comfort and productivity can be compromised.  Typically, the best approach is to pick a computer desk specifically designed for work or gaming. These tend to have plenty of space to display multiple monitors and hold important computer accessories such as keyboards, consoles, printers, scanners, and stationery.

If you normally work from a laptop and require minimal space, you can be more flexible with your choice. Smaller writing desks, compact gamer tables, and conference-style designs may meet your needs. The Ptero Pro gaming table is a sleek gaming hub with integrated RGB lights along the side panels. The carbon fiber tabletop ensures it is strong and durable enough to hold computers and accessories, but it remains compact and can double up as an ideal home office workspace.

Consider the Existing Layout of the Room

Before you invest in a new computer desk, you need to ensure the design allows you to make the most of your space. Consider the layout of the room before deciding on the right desk. It is beneficial to place a work desk near a window to expose you to natural light and release some stress . However, placing your desk away from a window is more advantageous to avoid glare if you’re gaming.

The Deluxe Gaming desk with a dual monitor stand is ideal for expanding your gaming area in tight quarters. The desk has two monitor shelves, maximizing the space and giving you plenty of room to adjust your mouse during intense gaming sessions.  If you have sufficient room for a large desk in your home, you’ll want to take advantage of that space, but this can make it challenging to load a desk into your car and transport it home. For large products like a computer desk, consider selecting a shipping option when purchasing online rather than picking it up

Ptero Pro gaming table

Measure the Space for Your Desk

Office and gaming spaces must be designed for functionality. Clutter, mismatched furniture, and a poor layout can be distracting and disruptive to your routine. It’s beneficial to place your desk somewhere with natural light, where you don’t have to face a blank wall. You should also consider the location of electrical outlets for plugging in your devices.  It can be challenging to purchase furniture online because you don’t get to see the true dimensions and finish in person before bringing it home to your space. Items can appear larger or smaller on a website due to how they’ve been photographed, skewing your interpretation. To avoid ordering a desk in the wrong size, don’t eyeball the fit; make sure you measure the space you intend to allocate and check the product specifications of the desk you’re interested in. 

Using a standard measuring tape, establish the width, depth, and height of the space and repeat the process to ensure you’re accurate. You can then compare your measurements to those stated on the OFX Office website. Consider any obstacles, such as the windows, window sills, skirting, or electrical sockets that may prevent you from placing the desk in that area. Taking accurate measurements before you place an order can help you save on shipping costs. Knowing the dimensions you need prevents you from returning a product for a replacement in the correct size. 

Desk Materials and Aesthetics

The type of material and aesthetic of the desk are important considerations. A carbon fiber desk surface can look great in your game room, but it may be unsuitable for an office or study, particularly if you’ll be hosting client meetings there. The material also impacts the durability and longevity of a computer desk.  The MATRIX Executive is a white desk that is built with metal framing and a laminate worktop. It is a very sturdy and dependable computer desk, ideal for various environments, including busy reception areas or other office departments that get a lot of traffic. Its modest look means it fits in seamlessly in a modern office, but its heavy-duty build ensures it can hold and store computer, gaming, or office equipment. 

Desk Accessories

Computer accessories and peripherals are critical to organizing your space so you can make the most of your desk. Some desks, such as the Deluxe Office glass desk , have design features for holding specific computer components, creating a convenient and efficient working or gaming space. This desk has pockets, containers, and a slidable keyboard holder, making your work area functional and visually appealing. 

OFX Office also provides a wide range of computer desk accessories so you can customize your work or gaming space to fit your exact needs. While office workers may enjoy personalizing their workspace to bring a little bit of their personality to the workplace, gamers love enhancing their setup with desk accessories such as a cup holder, controller, headset, router, and game case holders. 

Deluxe Office glass desk

Shipping Your Desk With OFX Office

Transporting furniture to and from the store is challenging in the average vehicle, and the process can be a hassle. Order desks online from OFX Office and have them delivered directly to your home or office. We deliver within Puerto Rico to make redecorating your work or gaming space convenient and fun.  For a wide range of computer desks for working or gaming, visit OFX Office. We also stock quality chairs, storage cabinets, and desk accessories, allowing you to customize your work area for maximum productivity. Check out our website for our entire range of products and see whether you qualify for shipping in your area.