How to Pick the Right Gaming Chair for You

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A gaming chair is more than just a trendy accessory to enhance your looks while streaming; it’s an essential piece of equipment designed to support your back health and improve your gaming performance.

However, if you’re looking to invest in a gaming chair, you’ll need to understand what features to look for and what makes specific models stand out from the array of available options. Consider your reasons for seeking a new gaming chair and determine whether the product’s material, style, or support are most important to you.

The Three Missions of a Gaming Chair

A quality gaming chair must fulfill three primary purposes: durability, health, and performance. While it’s true that a cool-looking design can matter a lot when choosing a gaming chair, you should prioritize function and make the chair’s design a secondary consideration.

Chair Durability

If you’re a serious gamer and your average play session lasts at least four hours, you’ll want a chair that can support your weight for extended periods.

Look for gaming chairs with a BISMA Class 3 or Class 4 gas lift system, high maximum weight capacity, and robust structural support, such as a metal frame.

For example, the Cerberus Racing Gaming Chair is an excellent example of what a durable model should possess. It features a Class 4 gas lift system and a high-strength metal frame and supports up to 350 lbs.

Seat Materials

The parts of your body that come in contact with the gaming chair must resist long hours of constant use, which requires durable, long-lasting materials.

Most gaming chairs employ some type of synthetic leather. These materials offer a compromise between the durability of genuine leather and the more reasonable costs of synthetic alternatives. However, not all synthetic leathers are created equal, each possessing different characteristics that can affect comfort, price, and sustainability.

  • PU Leather

Also known as pleather, PU leather is made of polyurethane, a plastic polymer material produced from plants. PU leather is not as durable as 100% genuine leather, but it is more breathable than other synthetic leathers. Polyurethane is a non-toxic material, so gaming chairs made of this material are more environmentally friendly.

  • Bicast Leather

Some gaming chairs advertised as PU leather are actually bicast leather, which employs genuine leather in its construction. Bicast leather is made using split leather (the leftover material that remains after removing top-grain leather from a hide) and given a polyurethane coating. Bicast leather gaming chairs offer a more realistic look and feel, enhancing comfort.

  • PVC Leather

PVC leather is imitation leather made from another plastic polymer: polyvinyl chloride, also known as PVC, or simply vinyl. PVC leather is inexpensive to produce and resistant to moisture, heat, and stains, making this material attractive if you’re looking for a budget gaming chair. However, PVC leather chairs are not as friendly to the environment, mainly due to the toxic nature of PVC and the presence of harmful chemicals and additives to produce the softness and flexibility needed from a comfortable chair.


Impact on Your Health

The health effects of improper sitting postures are well-documented: back soreness, backaches, unnecessary muscular stress, and fatigue. Sitting in a chair that doesn’t support good posture long-term can even result in shortened breath and reduce the quality of your sleep. A quality gaming chair should possess enough ergonomic features to promote better posture and prevent these issues.

Basic, overall comfort is the cornerstone of ergonomics. If you don’t feel comfortable sitting on that chair, you won’t enjoy using it. Specific ergonomic features for health and posture include various cushions and adjustable elements, such as lumbar support pillows, adjustable headrests for neck support, and comfortable armrests to prevent arm and elbow chafing.

The racing gaming chair style (a chair that resembles a race car’s seat) is the most popular base design because it provides a comfortable shape that you can easily adapt to using various ergonomic features. Typical gaming chairs resemble race car bucket seats because racing drivers, like gamers, must sit and maintain their focus and concentration for extended periods.

A good example is the Kraken High-Back, a racing-style gaming chair with a pink design and a suite of ergonomic features: a contoured bucket seat, lumbar and neck support cushions, height and tilt adjustment, and high-density memory foam for maximum comfort.

Gaming Performance

Good posture isn’t only beneficial for your health in the long term; it also directly impacts your game performance. Studies have shown that posture affects your ability to concentrate and remain calm. When you have bad posture, it’s more difficult for the brain to process tasks that require concentration, such as math exercises or extended gaming sessions. Therefore, a top-quality gaming chair is not only good for your physical health; it also keeps you in peak mental condition to remain calm and stay on top of the leaderboards.

Simple additions, such as the Beast chair head and back pillow set (compatible with all Beast-series gaming chairs), can significantly enhance your posture, keeping your back upright and your neck oriented in the right direction.

Shop High-Quality Gaming Chairs

Gaming chairs have grown in popularity recently, offering comfort, ergonomics, and durability surpassing typical office chairs. They are comfortable, sturdy and improve your health by promoting a better posture.

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