How to Find the Perfect Home Office desk on a Budget

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Due to the shifting work environment from the office to remote work, owning the right office furniture is essential for productivity and comfort. Nearly 71% of employees are working from home in 2021. However, only 20% to 25% of employers pay for a home office desk for their workers, leaving many employees looking for a quality office desk that fits their budget.

If you are tired of working on your dining table or kitchen table, it is time to find a home office desk to help you create a productive, distraction-free home office space. Find the perfect home office desk no matter your budget at OFX Office.

Decide on Your Budget

One of the first steps to finding the perfect home office desk is to determine your budget. Knowing exactly what you can spend on your home office desk helps you stay within your price range and choose a desk that fits your needs.

When you develop a budget for your home office space, you can choose an affordable desk and accessories you may need.

One important step in setting a realistic budget is to get an idea of the price range for home office desks. The most affordable option with OFX Office is an adjustable laptop stand for $99, which functions as a standing desk or lowers for seated work.

The highest-priced office desk is the Deluxe Office Frosted Glass Corner Desk for $399, which offers a 67” by 59” workspace. By determining the price range as between $99 and $399, you know that a realistic budget is between these numbers.

Once you determine the amount you want to spend on the desk, you can also add funds for extra storage space like filing cabinets or accessories like keyboard trays.

Measure Your Space

To find the perfect home office desk, it is essential to measure your space to ensure that your desk fits comfortably. If your home office is in a small space, it is essential to obtain measurements that include the desk area and enough space for a home office chair. Measuring your space prevents you from buying a desk that is too big or small for the space.
To measure your space, choose the room and location where you want to place your new desk. Ideally, your desk will face away from the wall and toward the room’s interior or look out a window.

Also, it is a good idea to place your desk where you have access to natural light. Natural light eliminates the harsh glow of lamps, and overhead lights cut down on your electric bill by providing free illumination during the day and offer health benefits like improved mood, better sleep, and access to Vitamin D.

After determining where you want your new home office desk, think about what type of desk you prefer. L-shaped desks are typically wider than corner desks and have a larger surface space. Decide on the type of desk you want for your space and measure the area with a tape measure.

Measure the height, width, and length of your proposed desk location. Take into account space for your chair, clearance for foot traffic, and think about doors, windows, and other furniture in the room. By taking these steps, you should have a good estimate of the desk dimensions that will fit into your space.


Make List of Desired Features

When shopping for a home office desk, it is easy to get caught up in the exciting features of each piece of furniture. A method you can use to help you stay on track with your budget when looking for a home office desk is to make a list of desk features you can’t live without before you shop.

This way, you find a piece that fits your space and contains the features you need to work. Desk features to consider are design, material, utility, and storage.

Design aesthetic

Think about the shape and design features when you consider what design you prefer for your home office desk. Do you prefer a desk with squared edges and clean lines like the Versa White Modern Gaming Table Desk or rounded, soft edges like the Polar Frame Table Desk?

Also, think about the desk’s color and how it fits into your existing aesthetic at home. White, black, and clear are popular options, so think about which appearance you prefer for your space.


When it comes to finding the right desk, the material it is made of can make a difference to the desk’s appearance. It also affects how it feels to sit and work at the desk during the day.

A frosted glass desk provides a visually interesting space that can help you keep the creativity rolling. A desk made of stainless steel is a good choice for creatives who work with paints, pens, or ink as it is easy to clean and looks industrial. Wood and engineered woods are the most common materials for home office desks. It is sturdy, long-lasting, and creates a cozy office setting all day long.


The utility and function of your home office desk are other elements to consider. What purpose will your desk serve? If you are health-conscious and prefer to sit and stand during the day, opt for an adjustable desk that you can raise and lower. If you need a lot of creative space for drafting, choose a table-style desk with lots of space for your supplies. If you prefer a desk that folds up into a smaller unit when you aren’t working, a Dual Drop-Leaf Desk may be the right option.

The Dual Drop-Leaf desk features a cube-shaped shelving system with four cubbies for storing books and office supplies. You can accessorize the cubbies with baskets to organize smaller items and enclose the shelving system to keep a streamlined aesthetic.


It is important to consider storage space when buying a desk. If you prefer to keep your work items on the desktop itself, opt for a larger 60” by 60” L-shaped desk. The Home Office Desk With Drawers and Shelves is a great option if you prefer built-in storage. If you prefer a cleaner look and separate storage, buy a simple tabletop desk, then place a filing cabinet or bookshelf nearby.

Find a Quality Retailer

Finding the perfect office desk on a budget means finding a quality office supplies retailer.

An affordable, quality retailer like OFX Office provides you with a wide selection of home office desks to choose from. Our desks are made to suit a variety of budgets and styles. OFX Office also provides customers with a clearly defined refund policy and both in-store and delivery options within Puerto Rico.

When shopping for your home office desk on a budget, use OFX Office’s easy sorting feature on our website. You can choose to sort the office desks by price, allowing you to easily see which desks are within your price range.

Find the Perfect Home Office Desk for Your Budget

If you are working from home, finding a home office desk that fits your budget is important. It is also essential that you find a desk that provides you with an excellent workspace for productivity and comfort.

Finding the perfect home office desk for your budget is simple at OFX Office. Located in San Juan, Puerto Rico, we provide customers with a hassle-free shopping experience in-store and online. Visit our physical location at 213 Av. Eleanoor Roosevelt in San Juan or order online and have your new home office desk delivered anywhere on the island.