Can Gaming Chairs Help With Back Pain?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Did you know that 8 percent of all adults experience persistent or chronic back pain? That's about 16 million people! One of the biggest culprits that lead to back pain is sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours.
If you're playing games on your bed or a chair with no support, you need to switch things up.
Gaming chairs are a great way to improve your posture and find relief for your back pain. This guide will explore why you should upgrade your gaming experience with a supportive chair.
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Why Does My Back Hurt?

As you might have figured, slouching is terrible for your back. Cheap office chairs increase the likelihood of back pain because they overwork the back muscles. When these muscles tire, the lower back curve flattens.
At first, you may not notice a big difference, but even in the short term, sitting this way can cause lower pain and fatigue. Over time, muscles adapt to the way you sit, which can lead to spinal misalignment, which causes hormonal imbalances and pain.
One of the best solutions for excessive back pain is investing in a good chair so that you can improve your posture. You may be wondering why having a good posture is so important in the first place—well, there's a variety of health benefits.
For starters, having good posture helps keep spinal muscles aligned. It also reduces joint stress that occurs from awkward sitting positions. You'll also notice increased energy levels and better digestion.
If you suffer from migraines, a supportive chair is a great solution. As your posture improves, your neck will feel less strained, which will result in fewer migraines.
There's a correlation between depressive thoughts and poor posture. People with poor sitting habits tend to be lethargic, while those with straighter posture are more positive.
There are plenty of benefits to having good posture. In addition to all the physical relief, you're sure to be more productive and energized. You wouldn't get this type of productivity from a cheap office chair. 

How Can Gaming Chairs Help?

So you want to avoid having poor posture and all the negative effects of it; what do you do? You look for the best gaming chair that satisfies your needs. Besides providing a more comfortable sitting experience, gaming chairs support your neck, back, and shoulders.
This is all thanks to the ergonomic design. Gaming chairs have adjustable lumbar support, and once you configure it to fit your size, it aligns your hips and spine into a healthy position.
Before choosing a chair, you'll need to establish the desired height of your desk or workstation. This is an important detail because a desk's height can vary greatly, and it requires your gaming chair to be in a specific position.
If you aren't used to this, it can feel uncomfortable at first. It will take some time to adjust sitting with an aligned spine, so be sure to give it a few days before feeling defeated. Once you get past the initial hump, you'll enjoy the productivity and health benefits.
Instead of worrying about feeling uncomfortable and having to take frequent breaks from gaming and work, you can be productive and feel energized to continue sitting for longer periods of time.

 Chair Design and Posture

Gaming chairs have an overall design that helps improve your posture. You may have noticed that gaming chairs resemble racing car seats. In cars, this design helps hold the drivers in place as they race.
You won't be zooming around at high speed with your gaming chair anytime soon, but that sort of alignment explains why gaming chairs are such an effective solution when you need to sit for hours.
Gaming chairs come standard with neck support pillows and adjustable lumbar that helps maintain a healthy spinal curve. Adjust the lumbar cushion to fill your lower back curve; you're sure to feel that when you lean back. This pressure helps straighten the upper back.
That lumbar cushion on its own supports a healthy sitting position. Many people don't use the neck support pillow; it's optional.
The best gaming chairs come standard with reclining backrests and adjustable arms. These armrests take the weight of your arms, giving your back a rest.
High-quality gaming chairs are also made with the right fabric. The best material has proper air circulation that releases heat so you can stay cool, even on a summer day. If you're sitting on a gaming chair for the first time, you're also likely to notice thick foam cushions that are immediately comfortable to sit on.
Every aspect of a gaming chair is designed to give your back a break and improve your posture.

Make the Switch

You may think that gaming chairs won't make a difference for your back, but the reality is a chair without support can lead to back pain. You might also notice that your gaming performance is suffering.
A gaming chair provides an effective solution to uncomfortable positions. Look for options with lumbar support that place your hips and spine in healthy alignment. Any worries you have about back issues will be out the window, and you can focus on winning the game.
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