Is a Gaming Chair Healthier Than an Office Chair?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Gaming and office chairs are two of the most popular choices for anyone in the market for a high-quality chair for their office. Cheap desk chairs provide little to no back and lumbar support, leading to poor sitting habits and spinal health issues over time.

Gaming chairs are popular for gamers and office workers due to the ergonomic support and healthy postural support that these chairs provide. A well-built gaming chair with an ergonomic design is versatile and can also double as a good office chair.

Whether you’re after a flashy gaming seat or a more sophisticated executive office chair, OFX Office provides a range of high-quality options. Our gaming and office lines feature ergonomic designs, protecting your spine and boosting your productivity.

Characteristics of a Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs often look like they belong in a race car rather than your den with built-in LED lights, a mix of colors and design patterns, cushions, and other accessories. However, many gaming chairs are carefully manufactured for high-performance and comfort when you look beyond the aesthetics.

At Office OFX, we provide a fantastic range of gaming chairs, from budget models to premium options. Our ergonomic gaming chairs are built from quality materials and come with features that promote healthy sitting habits, from neck pillows to adjustable backrests.

There are different styles of gaming chairs, including racing-style, high-back, and low-back chairs. Each of these models may come with unique design features, accessories, and capabilities, such as:

Bucket seat design

    • Height adjustable
    • Adjustable armrests
    • Reclinable backrests
    • Adjustable lumbar supports
    • Winged shoulder supports
    • Padded seats
    • Swivel capabilities
    • Caster rollers 

Characteristics of a Standard Office Chair

Traditional office chairs are typically quite rigid. Although many allow you to swivel and adjust the seat height, the arm and backrests are usually fixed. A common complaint about office chairs is the lack of neck and back support. Most regular office chairs don’t have neck or lumbar support as standard, meaning they don’t align to the natural contours of your spine.

At OFX Office, we offer office chairs with ergonomic and adjustable features. Our executive options, such as the GAP High Mesh-Back Executive chair, are stylish and comfortable, especially for long working days. They are built with a high back and headrest for additional support. This model is also available in a variety of colors to match your existing office furniture.

Which Type of Chair is Healthier?

Sitting for long periods in a cheap and uncomfortable chair can lead to several health issues, from lower back pain to chronic fatigue. To avoid the negative health effects of desk work or long gaming sessions, you’ll need a good chair.

To determine whether gaming or office chairs are healthier, consider four key criteria:

Lumbar support

Lumbar support is important for maintaining good posture. Most gaming chairs are designed to be used for hours and typically include lumbar support cushions. These are located where the seat and backrest meet, filling the gap between the lumbar spine and the seat. Lumbar supports align with the natural curve of your spine, keeping you upright with good posture.

While it’s possible to sit properly without lumbar support, you’re more likely to slouch when you sit for long periods. As fatigue sets in, a lack of support can cause you to lean forward, straining your lower back.

If support is a priority, gaming chairs are the healthier option. At OFX Office, most of our gaming chairs come with adjustable lumbar support cushions. It’s important to find the right position for lumbar cushions. If placed incorrectly, the support can put pressure on the muscles and nerves, leading to back pain.

Our Titan Pro Luxury Edition gaming chair is a versatile option that works for gamers and office workers. It is one of our most popular ergonomic chairs, built for durability with a sturdy metal frame. The memory foam cushions are comfortable and resistant to deformation. This chair is available in a sleek black finish, providing a classy aesthetic for a home office or game room.


Adjustability is an important health factor when choosing a gaming or office chair. Adjustable features prevent strain on your joints and spine from incorrect posture. Whether you swivel around to speak to a colleague or reach across your gaming desk to switch your computer settings, choose a chair with adjustability.

Some useful adjustable features to look for include:

  • Adjustable backrests with multiple recline angles
  • Adjustable 4D armrests
  • Multifunctional tilt mechanism
  • Rocking function mechanism
  • Gas lift
  • Casters

We provide gaming and office chairs with adjustable features. While our gaming chairs contain the most features, we have some excellent adjustable office chair options too.

The New Gen High-Back Executive office chair comes with a three-position locking mechanism, a class 3 gas lift, and durable PU caster wheels. It is sturdy but lightweight, allowing you to glide around your office with ease. As a bonus, the chair has lumbar support, and the seats contain high-density cutting foam.

Long-term comfort

Ergonomically designed chairs offer support and maintain good posture, ensuring you can sit comfortably for long periods. While a standard office chair might seem comfortable initially, the lack of support and adjustability makes this short-lived.

Long-term comfort is an important consideration when it comes to choosing a healthy chair. If you spend several hours per day playing video games or working, a gaming chair should be your preferred choice.

At OFX Office, we provide traditional-style office chairs, with a difference. Our office chairs look like standard chairs, but they are built with ergonomics in mind.

The New Gen Medium Back Executive is a reliable chair with a steel frame. It has PU wheels, a class 3 gas lift, and a single lock mechanism, allowing you to easily adjust to your most comfortable position. The backrest and seat are stuffed with high-density cutting foam, ensuring you can sit comfortably through long working days.

Available accessories

You can enhance the comfort and support levels of gaming and office chairs with accessories. While most traditional office chairs don’t offer many accessories, gaming chairs are usually highly accessorized. As well as aesthetic-based accessories, like cup holders, LED lights, and stands, our gaming chairs can be accessorized with health-based additions.

If your gaming chair doesn’t offer adequate support, consider our Beast Gaming pillows. Sold as a set, you can add neck and lumbar support to your chair. What’s more, these pillows contain built-in massage motors with two-speed settings, offering relief to tired muscles.

Some of our gaming chairs come with a footrest, allowing you to take pressure off your legs. Our Bigfoot Racing gaming chair is an all-action gaming chair that is packed with features. In addition to the built-in footrest, it has:

  • 165° backrest adjustment
  • 365° swivel rotation
  • Lumbar support
  • Rocking function mechanism
  • Extra headrest and backrest support cushions

Due to the range of available colors and its modest design, this chair could complete your gaming room or become your primary work-from-home office chair.

The Verdict

Determining whether a gaming or office chair is healthier is heavily dependent on the build quality and features of the individual chair. However, when you consider the standard features of a gaming chair and a traditional office chair, the best gaming chair wins out every time. With a high-back, lumbar support, neck cushions, and adjustable features as standard, gaming chairs are a healthy long-term seating option.

At OFX Office, we supply a range of quality gaming and office chairs. Browse our online store to find a chair that fits your needs, whether it's a high-performance gaming model or a professional ergonomic office chair.