Everything You Need to Know While Choosing Your Best Office Desk

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Your office desk is a critical piece of furniture in your home office. Whether you work from home or in an office, you spend most of your day at your desk, so choosing the right desk is just as important as having a comfortable chair.

The right type of office desk can make your workday more comfortable and productive. No matter what desk style you’re interested in, you need to make sure it meets your physical needs and is appropriate for the type of work you do.

Know How You’ll Use Your Desk

Before you decide which desk to buy, you first have to understand how you’ll use your desk. Is the desk for your home office or a company office space? Working from home allows you the flexibility to choose any type and style of desk you want, while you may have more limitations or rules to follow if you’re picking out a desk for a business office.

How you complete your work and use your desk also helps determine the type of desk you’ll need. Here are some of the factors to consider when you choose a desk.

Space-saving design

The type of desk you choose may depend on the amount of space available in your workplace. If you have a compact home office, a corner desk can save you space. If you need to fit multiple desks in an office, modular desks that can be lined up and reconfigured are essential to managing changing office layouts and staff fluctuations.

An L-shaped desk, also called a corner desk, is an excellent choice if you need to optimize your floor space. The Versa 60 x 60 Table Desk doubles the work surface area of a typical desk so you can spread out as much as you need to.

This modern freestanding desk has clean lines and is available in commercial-grade white laminate. It’s built to last with a durable steel frame and has cable management grommets built-in, so your wires and power cords won’t get in the way.

Ample storage

If you have a lot of paperwork and supplies you need to store in your desk; an executive desk may be the right option. This desk style offers a large, flat work surface on top, perfect for writing or using a laptop.

Many executive desks are available with drawers or filing cabinet systems built-in, like the Versa Executive 30 x 60. This desk has a filing pedestal with drawers and a locking file cabinet for plenty of storage space mounted to either side of the desk. Its filing drawers fit standard letter and legal-sized papers and offers full ball-bearing suspension for easy use. This desk is available in standard white melamine and professional-looking cherry melamine.

Spacious desktop

Any desk you choose should have a large enough work surface to fit your computer or laptop. If you’re working in a small space and struggle with finding enough room to work, you may be interested in a computer desk like the Deluxe Office Glass Desk.

This desk frees up work surface area by having a pull-out keyboard tray and computer tower storage built-in under the desktop. It’s a great solution if you’re working with a bulkier desktop computer and need more desk space on top for your work. The desk’s black powder-coated steel frame and high-quality glass tabletop give this desk a sleek and modern style.

Conversely, don’t select a desk with significantly more surface space than you need. Excess space on the desktop is likely to encourage clutter which can hinder your productivity. Choose a size that provides enough room to function comfortably without taking over your office.

Determine Your Ideal Desk Height

Before buying a desk, you need to determine your ideal desk height. Working on a desk at the wrong height is uncomfortable and can cause strain in your neck, back, or arms. Being uncomfortable distracts you from your work and makes you less productive.

You’ll also want your desk height to have enough clearance for your legs and be able to work with your favorite office chair. A desk height calculator can help you find the most ergonomic desk dimensions for you.

Height-adjustable desks

If you are tall or petite, a standard-sized desk may not be your best choice. Instead, look for an adjustable height desk such as the Loctek Height-Adjustable Desk. This desk easily adjusts from a height of 21.6” to 35” with the help of a motorized crank system. You’ll be able to find your perfect height and make adjustments to reduce strain and fatigue while using your monitor or keyboard.

The Loctek desk is great if you’re looking to transition into using a standing desk. Research has linked prolonged sitting to an increased risk of health problems such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes. This includes the extended amounts of sitting workers do at their desks every day.

The Loctek Adjustable Desk allows you to sit or stand at your desk and change your position easily throughout your workday.

Pick a Desk That Fits in Your Space

You don’t want to buy a desk and realize it’s too big for your space or makes you feel cramped in your office. Take the size of your office into account when looking through desk options. If you find a desk you love, use a tape measure to plan out the dimensions of your desk in your space and preview how it will fit.

If you’re looking for a compact desk or one that won’t take up too much visible space, the Polar Steel Frame Table Desk is an excellent option. The commercial-grade white powder-coated steel frame and legs provide durability and strength without taking up too much space.

Its 24” contoured desktop design is slimmer than most desk models but still leaves you plenty of room to work. It also features cable management grommets for efficient use of your desk’s surface.

Create a Budget

Look at your finances and make a budget before you start looking for office desks. Your home office desk doesn’t need to break the bank, but you shouldn’t choose the cheapest desk option if it doesn’t have your must-have features. Know how much you can afford to spend and look for desks in your price range. If an executive desk is out of your price range, consider using a table-style desk and separate storage unit for your paperwork to save money.

Choosing to spend a little more on a high-quality desk is a better option than purchasing a cheap desk that won’t last. You’ll get a higher return on your investment if you buy a desk made from durable materials that are built for longevity. It can be worth spending a little more if the desk meets your work needs, matches your style, and will function well for years to come.


Find Your Office Desk With OFX Office

Whether you’re working from home or in the office, the best office desk for you is one that fits in your space and makes it easy to complete your work. Make a list of your basic needs and choose the location for your desk so you can determine the type of desk you need. Take the style of your other furniture and materials into account, so your new desk blends in.

OFX Office can help you find the right desk for your needs. Our wide selection offers options for everyone, from basic table desks to adjustable desks and executive desks. We back our desks with a 15-day 100% Satisfaction Warranty, so you’re guaranteed an office desk that works perfectly for you. Visit our online store and find your next desk today.