Does a Modern Gaming Desk Make a Difference?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

Playing video games is one of the most popular leisure activities globally, with over 3 billion active gamers worldwide. The gaming industry experienced significant growth over the past decade, driven by professional competitive gaming and live streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube.

Gaming is frequently overlooked as a physically and mentally exhausting activity. While most people appreciate the importance of a supportive chair, many underestimate the role of a modern gaming desk in creating a comfortable and organized gaming setup.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current gaming room, consider a spacious, modern gaming desk to boost your performance and enhance your comfort.

Where a Modern Gaming Desk Makes a Difference

Depending on your preferred gaming rig and available space, gaming desks come in various designs and offer numerous features. Here are some features of a gaming desk that can significantly impact your gaming performance and comfort.


Many gaming desks are height adjustable and ergonomically designed. This helps ensure comfort during long gaming sessions and prevents muscular strain and fatigue.

If you’ve ever spent hours at your desk playing a video game or participating in an online tournament, you’ll value the importance of comfort. Adjustable gaming desks allow you to tweak your position, alleviating pressure on the spine, neck, and back muscles.

Adjustability is crucial for keyboard and mouse gamers in particular as it allows you to find the perfect reach and position for faster, more intuitive gameplay.

Some gaming desk models can be converted into standing desks, which can be beneficial for playing certain games or when using specific gaming gear, such as VR or motion sensor rigs.

Height-adjustable desks also have health benefits. They help reduce the effects of sedentary activity due to long gaming sessions. Some of the healthy habits a height-adjustable desk promotes include:

  • Lower risk of obesity
  • Lower blood sugar levels
  • Lower risk of heart disease
  • Reduced back pain
  • Boost in productivity

The Beast Gaming T-Rex Pro electric table is a premium height-adjustable desk that’s perfect for gamers who like to change positions frequently. It has a built-in sedentary reminder alert that triggers if you’ve been in the same position for an extended period. It also has a proximity sensor to avoid colliding with obstacles when you adjust it.

At 55 inches wide, it offers plenty of desk space for multiple monitors. The carbon fiber top is 27 inches deep, giving it stability and durability. The T-Rex can be easily accessorized with extra features, from cup holders to storage compartments.

Optimal layout

For gamers live streaming on apps like Twitch or creating video content to post on Youtube, a gaming desk needs to support your gaming PC monitor and your filming equipment. A dedicated gaming desk typically features a thoughtfully designed layout to accommodate cameras, tripods, ring lights, and microphones, as well as your gaming monitors, keyboard, and mouse.

Look for a gaming desk that has extra-wide dimensions and comes with features like monitor mounts so you can elevate your screens off the desktop to create more space.

The Ptero Pro-Gaming Table features a 47 inches wide x 25 inches deep extra-large gaming surface to hold all your streaming gear and gaming equipment. The dual cable management grommets in either corner organize all cables and wires to keep your gaming surface uncluttered for professional gaming video. It comes with an integrated headset hook and cup holder, and it’s compatible with a monitor mount to raise your screens off the desktop.

Another excellent model is the Gaming Desk with Monitor Shelf. The 47 inches wide x 26 inches deep desktop features a separate monitor shelf, while the raised edges allow you to easily attach holders for your peripherals. You can use the shelf to support your computer screen and streaming equipment while leaving ample space for a keyboard and mouse.

Build quality

Gaming desks can sustain heavy use and are built to last, even as you grow and build your setup. At OFX Office, our gaming desks are built from quality materials, ensuring structural integrity. Whether you’re creating a professional streaming station or a bedroom gaming corner, we have multiple options to choose from.

One of our most durable options is the Ninja commercial-grade steel frame desk. Built with a black powder-coated steel frame and featuring a melamine top with PVC edgebanding, this desk can support virtually any gaming setup. It has leveling feet and a contoured top design, making it suitable for all surfaces and environments.

The Ninja is a highly versatile desk. It has a minimalistic but sleek aesthetic, making it an excellent modern option for a gaming room or bedroom.


High-end gaming desks contain ample built-in storage for keeping games, controllers, headsets, spare monitors, keyboards, and other accessories.

As well as providing desktop space for your rig and peripherals, gaming desks have specific storage spaces for the computer console. These dedicated spaces are designed for ventilation, allowing your PC to stay cool and prevent dust build-up from damaging core components.

Our Deluxe gaming desk comes with several useful storage features, including a dual monitor stand as well as cup, router, headphone, and CPU holders. Located on the outside of the desk, the CPU storage space provides plenty of ventilation.

This desk is built from high-quality materials, ensuring it can adequately support all stored materials. The black carbon fiber surface is textured, allowing for fast and precise mouse activity. It also has leveling glides for adjustability.


Most modern gaming chairs are designed to be accessorized, allowing gamers to build their ideal setup over time. From compact corner desks to a more comprehensively designed professional table, accessories can complete your game room. Although some gaming desks come with accessories as standard, you can upgrade a basic model with practical additions such as:

  • Router holders
  • Cup holders
  • Controller holders
  • Headset holders
  • Headset stands
  • Microphone stands
  • RGB lights
  • Cable management equipment

Our most popular desk accessories include our range of powder-coated steel holders and stands. All our gaming desks can be accessorized with cup holders, providing you with a safe place to store your drink as you play. Spillages can cost gamers hundreds or even thousands of dollars if water or coffee gets into their CPU.

Another excellent accessory to boost your gaming performance is a mouse pad. An oversized mouse pad that stretches the width of your gaming desk improves mouse reactivity for games with a low dots-per-inch (DPI). This is crucial when playing first-person shooter games like Call of Duty, Overwatch, or Doom Eternal.

The OFX Office Fantech Firefly mouse pad has a finely textured surface for faster gameplay and features integrated RGB lights to create the ideal gaming atmosphere.

If you’re looking for a fully-equipped desk with accessories as standard, consider our top-of-the-line Archaeo Pro Gaming table. This is one of our most complete options, featuring a carbon fiber PVC top, socket storage bin, headset hook, cup holder, and integrated RGB lights.

The lights contrast with the sleek black finish to create a unique visual effect. This aesthetic looks great on camera, making the Archaeo Pro an excellent option for streamers or content creators. Another great feature of the desk is its smart wireless charger and convenient USB port.

The Verdict

Gaming desks come with various standard features that promote better comfort and organization to boost your gaming experience. Gaming desks are built to last, using high-quality materials such as carbon fiber and powder-coated steel. This ensures they can support amateur to professional gaming setups.

If you’re planning to design the ultimate gaming area, you need an ergonomically designed, durable, and accessory-friendly desk that lasts.