Buyer’s Guide for Choosing the Right Gaming Chair

Writen by Edwin Anthony

If you play video games professionally, competitively, or simply for fun, you need a chair that’s comfortable and supportive. The wrong gaming chair can cause neck strain, poor posture, lower back pain, and fatigue, especially for longer gaming sessions. 

Chairs designed for gaming offer superior ergonomics and adjustability compared to many office chairs. So, even if you’re not an avid gamer, you can benefit from investing in one of the many types of gaming chairs

Learn what features you should be looking for in a gaming chair and which products best meet those requirements. 

Quality Craftsmanship

Regardless of the type of chair you buy, it must be sturdy and made to last. A rigid metal frame and quality construction are essential features. Gaming chairs that use a thermoplastic or wooden frame tend not to offer the same long-term durability. Every chair that OFX Office manufactures and sells is made to the highest quality-control standards to ensure years of regular use.

In products like our Bigfoot Racing Gaming Chair, we use a five-star nylon base and 2 mm steel tubing in the frame for increased structural support and long-term durability. The chair also reclines, combining a horizontal position with a comfortable footrest for relaxing between matches.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomically designed chair is safe, comfortable and increases productivity or focus because you can relax properly. Your gaming chair should provide lumbar support and a high and wide backrest to support your head and neck to maximize ergonomic efficiency.

Height adjustability

Every person is different, so adjustability is an important element of any good gaming chair. You should be able to adjust the seat’s height and the height of the armrests. This isn’t only useful for accommodating gamers of different sizes, but it allows you to ensure compatibility between your chair and monitor placement.


Not every gaming chair has armrests, but these can be useful for providing support for the wrists and forearms, especially during long gaming sessions. Adjustable armrests that contain high-density foam padding for comfort are ideal. If the armrests are retractable or width-adjustable, that can also increase space for other tasks, such as eating lunch.

Tilt lock and control

A tilt-control mechanism allows you to adjust the chair’s suspension. If the chair has tilt control, you can lock the chair in the upright position for increased stability. When you unlock the system, you can rock the chair back and forth to find your most comfortable sitting position. 

Swivel capability

A gaming chair should swivel, increasing your access to every part of your desk or gaming setup. This can improve general productivity and waste less time. 

The Leviathan Racing Gaming Chair is an excellent example of an ergonomic design that features adjustable armrests and seat height, allowing you to find the best combination for your personal preferences. The Leviathan also offers 165° of backrest adjustment. The seat, high backrest, and thick upholstery are designed to resemble a racing car seat, which adds to the experience of playing racing games/simulators. 

The chair has memory foam padding for additional comfort, and the chair is upholstered in PU leather. The Leviathan is also available in blue, white, camo, or red. You can choose the color or pattern that best complements your PC, desk, and room. The Leviathan has a weight capacity of up to 250 lbs. 

The Hydra High-Back Racing-Style Gaming Chair also features an anatomically designed, heavily foam-padded seat for maximum comfort. The Hydra allows you to tilt from 90º to 135° with tilt tension control adjustment. 

The backrest offers 3D spinal support, relieving lower back pain or tension and preventing it from starting in the first place. You can use a highly versatile chair for gaming, working, or studying. The Hydra has a weight capacity of 250 lbs.

Lighting that Sets the Mood 

For creating a sense of ambiance and allowing you to keep your lights dimmed, a PC gaming chair that features its lighting system can be a fun addition to your setup. The Chameleon Racing-Style Gaming Ergonomic Chair combines the comfort and adjustability you expect with LED lights for setting the mood. The Chameleon has a remote control with 12 color settings and buttons to adjust brightness. 

In addition to the lighting system, the Chameleon has high-density seat padding and the ability to recline and rock. These features allow you to take power naps during long gaming sessions. The weight capacity for this chair is 330 lbs.

Mobility Capabilities 

PU caster wheels allow you to glide effortlessly on different types of flooring, from tiles to carpeting and hardwood. If you need to move your gaming chair from one room to another or switch between different desks or worktops as you multitask, a chair with casters can be highly beneficial. 

Upholstery Materials

While many PC and console gaming chairs are upholstered in real leather, artificial or PU leather is generally more common. Many gamers find PU leather easier to maintain and more cost-effective for their needs, contributing to its popularity. 

Space and Dimensions

Before buying a gaming chair, always check the chair’s dimensions (width, depth, and height) and consider the space you have available. Compact chairs may be more suitable for rooms where space is limited; however, the width and depth of the seat also need to be compatible with your body. If a seat is too narrow or shallow for your build, you may find it uncomfortable to sit for prolonged periods. 


Gaming chair prices can vary considerably, depending on the build quality, materials, ergonomics features, and electronic components. While some designs can be expensive, others are more affordably priced. If you need a budget-friendly option, consider the Fauno High-Back Bucket-Seat Gaming Chair, which has retractable armrests, a bucket-style contoured seat, and adjustable height. 

Compact Chairs for Smaller Gamers

Consider the Goblin Youth Small-Size Gaming Chair for smaller individuals and teenagers who want an ergonomically designed option. This chair provides both cushioning for lumbar support and a massage function. After gaming for hours, a massage-capable chair can be a welcome addition, helping to relieve muscle tension and stress. The weight capacity for the Youth Goblin is 150 lbs. 

Big and Tall Gamers

You need an appropriately sized gaming chair if you’re big or tall. A computer chair that is too small for your build is not only uncomfortable but can also cause back pain and poor posture. Consider the chair’s weight capacity before placing an order. 

OFX Office accommodates gamers of all shapes and sizes, offering our Titan Pro Big & Tall Gaming Chair. Featuring 170° backrest adjustment, 360° swivel rotation, and a weight capacity of 330 lbs., the Titan Pro is a versatile and ergonomic choice.

User Reviews

If possible, it’s generally a good idea to read user reviews for products to see which ones are the most suitable for your individual needs. Look for comments regarding build quality, long-term durability, and comfort. These are the areas that will be most relevant to the selection process.

Find the Best Gaming Chairs and Desks at OFX Office

Whether you’re a PC gamer, console gamer, student, or you work from home; a gaming chair is one of the most useful pieces of furniture you can own. At OFX Office, we offer a vast selection of gaming and office chairs and desks to ensure you’re able to remain focused and productive at all times. Check out our range of products to find the best options for your individual needs.