Best Gaming Chairs 2021: Tested for Play and Work

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Gaming chairs are taking over the seating market for gamers and office workers. The advantages of a gaming chair include customization, comfort, and health benefits. The increased popularity of gaming chairs has led to an explosion of gaming chair options, allowing you to choose a style that suits your home’s interior decor.

The best gaming chairs from 2021 increase productivity and energy for work and play with their ergonomic features, personalized sizing options, and top-of-the-line materials. Do not settle for anything less than the best when searching for your next chair.

Ergonomic Designs Promote Health

A good gaming chair has ergonomic features that gamers and workers need for a healthy lifestyle. The average office chair lacks the ergonomic features necessary for comfortable seating and healthy living. The health issues caused by poor seating and solved with proper seat ergonomics include:

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome has many causes, one of which is poor sitting posture. Carpal tunnel syndrome is tingling and pain in the hand and arm caused by an impacted nerve in the wrist. Poor posture can cause carpal tunnel syndrome by creating circumstances where the wrist must flex and strain excessively.

Wrists need to rest on a desktop to minimize strain. This requires precisely placed armrests and relaxed shoulders. The best gaming chairs of 2021, like the Cerberus Racing Gaming Chair, have four-dimensional adjustable armrests to accommodate any arm length and desk height requirements.

4D armrests can be adjusted for height, length, width, and rotation angle. Armrests relieve neck and back tension and combine with desks to provide an even surface for neutral wrist position. A gaming chair’s armrests must be fully adjustable for work with computers and PC gaming.

  • Neck pain

Armrests help alleviate muscle stress in the neck, and a head pillow provides further support. A gaming chair without a head pillow and sufficient backrest height lead to neck pain, one of America’s most prevalent disabling injuries. It is no surprise that every high-quality gaming chair is equipped with head pillows and multiple chair size options to accommodate different heights.

The Titan Pro Big & Tall Gaming Chair Luxury Edition is built to provide superior ergonomic support to people who require extra-large seating. A smaller seat would locate support in the wrong places, but the Titan Pro has a 34.5” seat height and a head pillow for proper neck support. The seat is adjustable to compute at eye level despite the size of the seat. Eye-level computing is key to avoiding strain caused by looking up or down for extended periods.

  • Lower back disorders

Low back pain is the single largest cause of disability in the world. Chairs without adequate lumbar support lead to anterior pelvic tilt and tight back muscles. Over time this results in serious back problems from playing games or working in a seated position.

Combat back pain with tested back support technology. In 2021 every gaming chair should have seat height adjustment for proper leg support. That places the hips in the correct position for proper back posture. Lumbar support in the frame or as an additional adjustable pad, like on the Bigfoot Racing Gaming Chair, is essential for proper spine alignment.

The Bigfoot Racing Gaming Chair features a footrest and 165º backrest adjustment. In addition to the lumbar support and adjustable height mechanism, these features give a gamer all the ergonomic cues to sit straight for long periods. Plus, 360º chair rotation negates the need to strain your back to look behind you.

Ergonomic Seating Boosts Productivity and Energy

The best gaming chairs provide ergonomic support that shifts attention from discomfort to work or play. Specific features that keep attention on the task at hand include adjustable reclining backrests and lumbar massagers.

  • Adjustable backrests

The reclining function of a good gaming chair is not only for kicking back and relaxing, although that is a valid use. Micro adjustments are important for long-term comfort while sitting. An adjustable reclining backrest lets people make their preferred micro-adjustments without thinking about it.

The Kraken High Back Racecar Style Gaming Chair can recline up to 165º and has adjustable tension controls to limit recline to the most comfortable angle. This customization gives gamers and workers the ability to set their preferred passive working angle for checking emails or waiting in a pre-game lobby. Then when more focus is required, the chair easily adjusts forward.

As your body gets accustomed to a new gaming chair and your favorite ergonomic settings, your productivity and energy increase. Allowing your body to make constant adjustments keeps you focused on the task at hand rather than thinking about how to release built-up pressure.

  • Lumbar massagers

The difference between good gaming chairs and the best gaming chairs is in the additional features of the best chairs. One of these options is the lumbar massager, which provides relief while you stay plugged into your game or work.

The Beast Gaming Chair Head and Back Pillow Set can elevate an average gaming chair to an elite seating option. It provides adjustable lumbar support for any chair and has a two-speed massager for tense muscle treatment. The Beast pillow set is a great introduction to what a gaming chair offers without a hefty price tag.

Materials Matter in 2021

The type of upholstery you choose for your gaming chair is a personal preference. The most popular choices are the various types of leather chairs and highly breathable fabric chairs.

  • The advantages of leather

Leather gaming chairs, whether made of real leather or environmental PU leather, are supremely comfortable and easy to clean. Real leather is breathable and stays comfortable in all weather, but real leather chairs are costly, and not many companies make them. Most gaming chairs are made of PU leather, a kind of synthetic faux leather.

The Leviathan Racing Gaming Chair is made with PU leather and comes in various colors ranging from professional to exciting color schemes. PU leather does not absorb water, so it is easy to clean and difficult to stain. It lasts around five years if cleaned every five months. High-quality PU leather is exceptionally soft and pairs nicely with Leviathan’s deformation-resistant memory foam seat cushion.

  • Cool off with fabric

Some gamers prefer fabric chairs because they are more breathable than leather chairs. Fabric gaming chairs may be the best for you if you live in a hot and humid environment. The downside to these chairs is that they are harder to clean and stain more easily than leather chairs.

The Cyclops Youth/Small Low Back Gaming Chair is made of tightly-woven fabric upholstery. It is highly breathable and perfect for a small person who needs a high-quality gaming chair. The chair has adjustable and retractable arms for customized seating and easy storage.

Youth/Small gaming chairs often don’t come with lumbar pillows. The Cyclops gaming chair would pair nicely with the Beast neck and lumbar pillow set.

Invest in the Best with Beast Gaming Chairs

The best gaming chairs are comfortable for long periods due to their ergonomic features and high-end materials. Prioritize your health and productivity at work or while gaming with adjustable armrests, backrests, and lumbar and neck support pillows. All body shapes and sizes enjoy ergonomic support in the Beast gaming chair collection, making them the best seating options for any gamer.

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