What is the Best Bang for Your Buck Chair?

Writen by Rezolutions Design

A good chair can instantly upgrade a home office or game room. Modern office chairs are built with ergonomics in mind, with many boasting lumbar support and adjustable features. With more people working from home, many require high-quality desk chairs for their home offices. While there are plenty of comfortable options with attractive features, they tend to come at a high price point.

Without researching the marketplace, it’s difficult to know whether these expensive chairs are worth the cost. While back support may be crucial for someone, seat height adjustability may be more beneficial for another. To find the best bang for your buck chair, establish your needs and consider the available options.

Different Types of Chairs

With several styles of chairs to choose from, the best value option for you is the one that fulfills your needs. If you need a chair for occasional office use, perhaps an ergonomically designed chair with tilt tension isn’t necessary. However, if you’re a full-time office worker or an avid gamer, investing in a high-quality chair is often a worthwhile investment.

At OFX Office, we stock a range of chairs at various price points. From budget-friendly office chairs to accessory heavy gaming seats, here are some of our most popular types of chairs:

  • Executive chair

Executive style chairs are designed to provide support and comfort for office workers who spend several hours a day behind their desks. They are typically well-built from premium materials. Most executive chairs have tall backs, providing good support to the upper body. High-end models are upholstered with PU leather or soft woven fabrics.

Although adjustability doesn’t come as standard, you can find executive seats with adjustable headrests and adjustable armrests. Most have swivel capabilities and tilt mechanisms, allowing you to recline as you sit.

If you’re looking for a high-end, comfortable seat for your work-from-home station, an executive chair offers great bang for your buck. They are also good for company offices. Designed for formal business settings, executive chairs are classy, sophisticated, and make a great first impression for face-to-face meetings.

Our executive chair range contains budget-friendly and more expensive options. One of our most popular, cost-effective seats is the Gap High Mesh-Back executive chair. It is designed with a sleek silhouette and has a sturdy mesh back support. With a height-adjustable headrest and four-position tilting mechanism, it’s easy to find a comfortable position with this chair.

We stock a high-back executive chair in PU leather or upholstery if you’re looking for a more upscale option. The design features a steel frame and a fixed armrest, providing sturdiness and durability. The cushions are stuffed with high-density cutting foam, providing long-lasting comfort and good support. What sets this chair apart from other options is the lumbar support that keeps your spine aligned during long working days.

  • Ergonomic office chair

Ergonomics is a key focus in office chair design. Ergonomic chairs contain several features that help improve posture and offer reliable back and neck support.

Ergonomic style office chairs typically have adjustable head and armrests. The design promotes good posture, preventing long-term strain and back pain. Some essential features to look for in an ergonomic chair include a tilt mechanism, lumbar support, swivel capabilities, and caster wheels.

At OFX Office, the Project X Mesh Back Multifunction Task Chair is one of our most popular ergonomic options. Aesthetically, this chair could fit into an executive office, game room, or home study. Its subtle mesh design adds to its practicality and makes cleaning and maintenance very easy. The soft PU arm pads are height adjustable, providing arm and shoulder support for typing-based projects.

The Project X chair has a synchronized mechanism that allows you to independently adjust the backrest tilt and seat angle. Adjustability is seamless, with easy-to-use paddles located just under the seat. While this chair is designed for office use, its ergonomic design means it can be used as an everyday seat for someone in need of additional back support. The tilt tension control allows you to find the most comfortable position quickly.

Ergonomic chairs provide the best value for money if you need a comfortable seat for working daily. They can reduce the likelihood of long-term health conditions like carpal tunnel and lower back pain, making them well worth the higher price tag.

  • Gaming chair

Gaming chairs are fast becoming the go-to option for gamers and office workers. Even amateur gamers are accustomed to spending several hours a day in front of a PC or game console. Gaming chairs are ergonomically designed to provide support for long gaming sessions. You can find gaming chairs across a wide price range, with professional gamers and streamers often spending thousands on their everyday chairs.

Compared to executive or standard office chairs, gaming chairs immediately stand out. They typically have multiple accessories and features as standard, such as lumbar support, headrest cushions, adjustability, and swivel capabilities. They are also designed to fit a modern game room and often contain bright colors and bold branding. While they may work well in your home office, perhaps gaming chairs aren’t ready for the executive boardroom just yet.

There are several popular styles of gaming chairs. At OFX Office, we stock racing-style seats, rocking chairs, and bucket seat options. The price is the main factor that deters people from investing in a quality gaming chair. Gaming chairs are pricey compared to regular office models because of their premium features and high-quality components.

Racing chairs are styled based on race car seats. They are heavily padded and feature a high back, providing excellent support and comfort. Racing-style gaming chairs look great, particularly for streaming. Choose a seat that matches the color scheme of your game room for the best on-camera look.

Our Medusa Racing-Style Chair is ergonomically designed and features adjustable lumbar, head, and footrests. You can work or game in this chair for hours without worrying about developing pain or bad posture. It has a 2D armrest, Class 3 gas lift, and a tilt mechanism that allows it to recline to 180°. The seat mold foam is sturdy and firm, providing lasting support.

Another comfortable and supportive race-style chair is the Hodag rocker. It has a rocking mechanism built on a 5-star metal base, making it a perfect option for gamers who like to move around a lot. The high-density seat padding is covered in extra-strong PU leather, making the seat highly durable. The Hodag offers excellent bang for your buck if you’re a new streamer looking to upgrade your gaming setup.

Our Fauno High-Back Bucket Seat Gaming Chair is a budget-friendly option for part-time gamers. It is built with an anatomically contoured seat design, adjustable height mechanism, and retractable armrest, meaning it is a very comfortable chair. While more comfortable and supportive seats are on our list, this chair offers good value for money for occasional use.

  • Budget office chair

If you need a basic but comfortable and sturdy chair for guests or a meeting room, you don’t need an expensive racing seat. Our Modern Mesh-Back visitor’s chairs are lightweight and sturdy, making them the perfect option for hosting meetings or interviews. The steel frame gives the chair stability and longevity, so you don’t have to worry about it degrading after limited use.

Get the Best Bang for Your Buck with High-Quality Chairs from OFX Office

OFX Office provides high-quality chairs in several different styles. Whatever your office or home needs are, you can get incredible value for your money with OFX Office. Visit our online store to browse our full selection of executive, ergonomic, racing, and budget chairs.