A Guide to Gaming Chairs: The Best Options for Every Gamer

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Gamers everywhere know the value of a comfortable chair. Gaming chairs are vital for your comfort and health during long gaming sessions. When you look for the perfect gaming chair, consider your body type, the chair’s material, and its ergonomic features.

Features to Look for in a Quality Gaming Chair

If you are in the market for a gaming chair, there are numerous models available. You can focus your search by selecting the ideal material, the quality of support, adjustability, and technology integration.

Gaming Chair Materials

The material you choose depends on your price range and personal preferences. Mesh provides the best airflow, while real leather offers unmatched durability.


Real leather is the most durable material for a gaming chair due to its liquid resistance. Typically made from bovine hides, leather chairs are comfortable but lack airflow. This can create an uncomfortable gaming experience in hot environments.

Fabric and mesh

Gaming chairs upholstered in fabric or featuring mesh panels offer outstanding breathability, perfect for regulating your temperature while gaming. However, they are prone to spills and stains and can be challenging to clean.

PU and PVC leather

Real leather is expensive and requires careful maintenance to preserve the finish. While real leather gaming chairs are stylish and luxurious, many gamers prefer low-maintenance leather alternatives. PU leather and PVC leather are alternatives that deliver quality without the expense. These alternatives are made of lower-grade animal hide or man-made fabrics that have a synthetic coating.

PU leather is a realistic imitation of natural leather. OFX Office’s Hydra High-Back Racecar-Style Gaming Ergonomic Chair uses PU leather to provide high-quality seating at a reasonable price. It also features numerous adjustable components and high-density foam seating. Its anatomically contoured seat design provides comfort for people who are 5’6” to 6’2”.

PVC leather is the least expensive faux leather option. It is breathable and feels like leather, but it will degrade much faster than natural and PU leather. PVC is a good material for gamers on a budget.

Ergonomics and Support

The best gaming chair should be the most comfortable gaming chair. For a chair to be comfortable, it needs built-in lumbar support, adjustable seat height, neck and head pillows, and other ergonomic features.

Lumbar support

Both built-in lumbar support and lumbar pillows provide the necessary structure for quality back support. They support the natural S-curve of a human spine. Properly designed lumbar support takes weight off the lower back and promotes a healthy sitting posture.

Head and neck support

Proper head and neck support relieve tension from the neck and upper torso. Tension in these areas often causes headaches. All OFX Office gaming chairs come equipped with adjustable head and neck pillows and lumbar support pillows.

OFX Office offers the Beast Gaming Chair Head and Back Pillow Set for lumbar and neck support on any chair. The back pillow relieves sore muscles with its USB-powered, two-speed massager. The head and back pillow set is an affordable option to make any chair ergonomically sound.

Seat height adjustment

Your seat height depends on your height and the dimensions of your desk. The optimal seat height lets your feet lay flat on the ground. Your arms should be parallel to the ground. A good gaming chair will have adjustable seat height to accommodate a gamer and their unique setup.


Armrests support the weight of your arms and reduce stress in your shoulders, neck, and upper back. Along with head and neck support, armrests alleviate headaches caused by poor seat ergonomics.

An armrest should support your forearms, so your arms are at waist height. Adjustable armrests are necessary to ensure healthy gaming posture because of differences in height and arm length.

The OFX Office Zombie High-Back Race Car-Style Gaming Ergonomic Chair offers adjustable armrests, seat height, and tilt tension control. It is a fully customizable chair that accommodates a gamer of any size and any gaming setup.

Technology Integration

Gaming chairs often come with special technology integrated into the chair. Common technological enhancements include USB ports, lumbar massage options, and LED lighting.

Power ports

Gaming setups require a lot of outlets, cords, and organization. A gaming chair with USB ports and outlets alleviates some of the clutter on your desk. Charge your phone or a controller with easy access to your chair’s charging ports.

Lumbar massagers

Get an extra kick of comfort with specialized lumbar massagers. OFX Office products like the Goblin chair and the Head and Lumbar Pillow Set come with USB-charged lumbar massagers. After hours of gaming, you’ll be able to relax your lower back with a two-speed lumbar message.

Best Gaming Chair for Every Type of Gamer

There is a comfortable gaming chair for every gamer, from home office gamers to console players. Your style of gaming plays a role in which gaming chair is ideal for you.

Console gamers

PC gaming is most often associated with gaming chairs, but gaming chairs offer comfort to people who game on all mediums. Console gamers prioritize comfort over perfect posture, so reclining seats and footrests are essential features.

The Coalt Racing-Style Gaming Chair with Footrest by OFX Office reclines to 175°. Its comfortable foam seating and PU leather exterior are ideal for a console player looking to invest in a relaxing gaming chair.

PC and home office gamers

PC gamers and home office gamers require seats that provide posture support for sitting for long periods. Whether you work from home and game on the side or enjoy a marathon gaming session, your gaming chair will have to support you the whole time.

The Cerberus Racing Gaming Chair with Ergonomic Lumbar Support provides supportive seating with a professional look. It has memory foam seating and can support up to 350 lbs. This chair has adjustable seat height and armrests to accommodate keyboard gamers and typists.

Big and tall

Gaming chairs come in a variety of sizes to accommodate all gamers. The correct sized chair provides you with ergonomic seating. Improperly sized seating is uncomfortable and unhealthy.

If you are 5’11” to 6’9”, your chair needs a seat width of 19” and a 35” tall backrest. The Titan Pro Big & Tall Gaming Chair Luxury Edition goes beyond the recommended size and delivers a seat width of 22.5”. Its backrest is 34.5” tall, and the chair handles up to 330 lbs. with 170° controlled reclining.

Its sleek PU leather design is ideal for work and play. The Titan Pro also has memory foam seating that does not deform over time. It is perfect for a gamer who needs a bigger chair to enjoy their favorite hobby.

Youth gamers

Youth gaming chairs promote healthy posture habits in young gamers. The Goblin Youth Small-Size Gaming Chair with Footrest and Lumbar Massage at OFX Office is the perfect youth gaming chair. It comes in five different colors, has lumbar and head support and footrest.

The chair’s narrower width and 50” height make it perfect for 4’9” to 5’5” gamers. Its armrests, seat height, and support pillows are all adjustable to accommodate growing children. The Goblin supports up to 150 lbs.



Comfortable Gaming is Just a Chair Away

You deserve to be comfortable while gaming. It’s time to prioritize your comfort, get rid of that cheap office chair, and invest in a proper gaming chair. With cost-effective options, comfort-minded features, and ergonomic design, the benefits of the right gaming chair are plentiful.

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