6 Tips for Creating the Ultimate PC Gaming Desk Setup

Writen by Rezolutions Design

The best gaming experience is about more than having the latest graphics card to run your favorite video games at the highest settings. The furniture and equipment composing your PC gaming desk can significantly enhance your performance, regardless of the type of game you prefer.

However, building a good gaming desk can be challenging if you don’t know where to start. Follow these tips and recommendations to transform your PC gaming setup into the ideal battle station for you.

Initial Considerations

Your gaming environment is more than just the specifications of your PC setup; it is also about comfort, ergonomics, and atmosphere. A pleasant and comfortable gaming desk setup is not only aesthetically pleasing (who doesn’t love RGB lights?), but it can also enhance your performance, preventing discomfort and preserving your concentration levels.

Besides your computer, the ultimate PC gamer desk setup consists of six elements: The desk, chair, monitor setup, sound system, input peripherals, and lighting system.

Gaming Desk

A quality gaming desk must not only serve as the foundation of your entire setup but should also add functionality to your gaming space. There are four elements to consider when choosing a gaming desk: dimensions, functionality, overall design, and durability.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself to help you determine what features your gaming PC desk setup should have:

  • Do you use a single monitor or multiple?
  • Do you prefer your PC tower on the desktop, on a dedicated tray, or does it sit on the floor?
  • Do you exclusively play with the keyboard and mouse or use additional input devices, such as joystick controllers or sim-racing wheel and pedals?
  • Do you need storage space for extra peripherals and accessories like headphones and a cup holder?

Dimensions and functionality

Choosing a desk with sufficient space for all your peripherals and ancillary equipment is crucial. Consider models with dedicated storage elements and cable management guides, which keep the clutter away from the desktop and provide more space.

A desk like the OFX Deluxe Office Glass Desk can serve as a dual-purpose gaming and work desk, with dedicated trays for your PC tower, your keyboard and mouse, and enough desktop space for a monitor and office supplies.

A model such as the OFX Deluxe Gaming Desk with Dual Monitor Stand is a highly-functional desk purely dedicated for hardcore gaming, with an upper deck for two gaming monitors, several trays and holders for your tower, router, and peripherals, and a large lower deck for the keyboard and mouse.

Overall design

The looks and feel of your gaming desk should match your room’s aesthetic. Whether you prefer simple desks with basic color schemes (e.g., black and red, white with steel accents) or enjoy designer models with light wood detailing, there is something for gamers of every taste.


The primary functional difference between a gaming desk and a basic office desk is durability. Quality gaming equipment must be robust enough to support the weight of any gaming configuration.

Look for standing desks with steel or aluminum alloy frames and sturdy supporting elements. These parts provide your desk with a stable, robust platform with no play or wobble.


Gaming chair

Another essential element of any gaming PC setup is the gaming chair. Unlike console gaming setups, which traditionally rely on the living room and the couch, PC gamers use individual chairs for seating.

Gaming chairs are variants of traditional office chairs and racing-style bucket chairs inspired by the automotive industry, featuring wheeled and height-adjustable bases.
Although they often have visually distinctive designs, the top priority of a gaming chair is providing maximum comfort for long periods of time.

Features unique to gaming chairs typically include high-strength metal frames, extra-comfortable memory foam fillings, leather upholstery (either synthetic or genuine), back and seat padding, armrests, and at least one ergonomic cushion (in the neck or lumbar region.)

For example, the Leviathan Racing Gaming Chair features a pair of cushions designed to provide head and lumbar support. The cushions work alongside the chair’s bucket seat design to keep you in a supported, upright position while also giving you long-term comfort.

Gaming headset

Although gamers often supplement their PCs with speaker systems for general-purpose applications like music or movies, the audio peripheral of choice has long been the gaming headset.

High-quality headsets fulfill two primary purposes: Taking advantage of audio technology such as 3D positional sound and binaural audio to immerse you into the game and letting you communicate with other players through the integrated microphone.

Gaming headsets should also emphasize long-term comfort. For example, the Beast T-Rex Gaming Headset features PU leather ear cups with memory foam filling, made using the same materials as in gaming chairs.

Gaming keyboard

There is more to a gaming keyboard than the RGB lighting and fancy designs. A high-quality keyboard is integral to the PC gaming experience. A keyboard is used for nearly every basic gaming action, such as controlling your character and navigating menus.

There are two main types of keyboards: Membrane and mechanical. Most standard PC keyboards on the market are membrane keyboards, whereas gaming keyboards can be either. The primary difference between the two is how the keystrokes feel and how they function.

Membrane keyboards use a single flexible membrane under the keys. They are less expensive, lighter, and quieter, but keystrokes feel slower and less tangible. Most membrane keyboards only let you press a limited number of keys simultaneously (n-key rollover.)

Mechanical keyboards use individual switches under each key. They have a better tactile feel (they are clickier.) Additionally, studies show that they allow for faster and more comfortable typing. However, they are also heavier, more expensive, and louder unless fitted with silent keys.

Although there are many advantages to switching to a mechanical keyboard, the best choice here is a matter of preference. Top-quality mechanical gaming keyboards such as the Fantech Mk884 Optiluxs provide you with the premium typing feel favored by hardcore PC gamers. However, if you prefer the feel of a membrane keyboard, you can opt for a model like the Fantech K513 Booster instead.

Gaming mouse

Gaming mice are similar to gaming keyboards; the first aspects most people notice are the design and RGB features. However, quality models come with additional features.

Standard PC mice often feature no more than three features: left-click, right-click, and the mouse wheel, which also serves as middle-click. Gaming mice such as the Fantech Venom WGC1 often feature additional buttons on the top (behind the mouse wheel) and the sides.

These extra buttons are typically programmable, letting you adjust your mouse DPI on the fly or assigning them to a keyboard key.
For example, if you enjoy first-person shooters, these functions let you have a dedicated knife or grenade button right on the mouse, freeing your keyboard hand for movement and other actions.

Extra peripherals 

There are numerous functional accessories you can use to augment your gaming set and complete your desk’s look and functionality. Here are a few suggestions to consider.

If you have one (or multiple) controllers, attaching a controller holder to your desk provides them with a perfect spot to put them away when not in use. They’re also a great way to display and showcase controllers with a cool design.
Need a place for your internet router? Consider using a dedicated router holder. The skeletonized metal tube design is ideal for cable management.
High-quality mouse pads such as the Fantech Firefly offer greater mouse precision and responsiveness, a large surface area, and programmable RGB lighting.

Build the Ultimate PC Gaming Desk Setup

Creating the perfect environment for PC gaming is all about three factors: comfort, functionality, and atmosphere. With the right choices, you can improve your gaming experience dramatically.

At OFX Office, we offer a large selection of PC gaming desks, chairs, peripherals, and accessories. Browse our Beast Gamer catalog to build the ultimate desk setup.