6 Best Office Chairs For Back Pain

Writen by Gerson Torres

Whether you work from home or in an office environment, you know how uncomfortable an inadequate office chair can be. Sitting for extended periods in a chair that doesn’t support your back correctly is one of the fastest ways to get backache or aggravate existing back pain.
Using a quality ergonomic office chair will not only help make those 8+ hours at work feel more comfortable, but it will also be more beneficial for your health, reducing stress on your back, arms, legs, shoulders, neck, and spine.

  • Viper High-Back Executive Chair

The Viper High-Back is a 5-wheeled executive chair that is ideal for a home office or professional environment. This chair is built for comfort and adjustability, featuring a curved back seat to encourage a healthier upright sitting position, a curved headrest for neck support and proper head positioning, and a pair of standard armrests.

As you’d expect of a quality executive chair, the Viper High-Back features a seat height adjustment with a BIFMA Class 3 gas lift system, conforming to the highest standards of safety. In addition to being comfortable and safe, the Viper is also easy to assemble, enabling you to enjoy your new chair as quickly as possible.

  • Orion Ergonomic Executive Chair

If you work long hours (6-10 hours or more) with few breaks, you want a supportive chair, such as the Orion Ergonomic Executive Chair.

This ergonomic office chair offers all the features you need to work at your home or office desk without experiencing back pain. The Orion features a pair of soft polyurethane arm pads, fully adjustable armrests and backrests, and an anatomically contoured seat with adjustable lumbar support, fitting your body for optimal spine support.

In addition, the Orion possesses an innovative synchronized mechanism that lets you adjust the seat angle and backrest tilt independently from each other, letting you customize your chair and support the perfect seating position for you.

  • Bigfoot Racing Gaming Chair

Although this is a gaming-oriented chair with a racing bucket seat design, the numerous comfort and ergonomic features offered by the Bigfoot Racing Gaming Chair provide you with plenty of ways to combat back pain.

Ideal for remote work, permissive office environments, or to complete your gaming desk setup, the Bigfoot is one of the most fully-featured ergonomic chairs on the market.

The chair possesses a high-strength 2mm steel tubing frame supporting a bucket seat with comfortable, deformation-resistant memory foam. You’ll also find height-adjustable armrests, a pair of height-adjustable pillows for neck and lumbar support, and a configurable backrest with a maximum angle of 165°.

The gas lift system is BIFMA Class 4 rated, working in conjunction with the extra-stable 5-wheel nylon base to give the Bigfoot an excellent maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs.

  • NewGen101 High-Back Executive Chair

If you’re looking for an executive chair with a simple, modern office-style design that does not compromise on basic ergonomic features, look no further than the NewGen101 High-Back Executive Chair.

This chair comprises a steel frame-backed, curved seat with an integrated headrest and a pair of fixed, durable polypropylene armrests. They provide you with a naturally healthy seating position, preventing back pain and keeping you comfortable for longer periods than classic office chairs.

The seat, backrest, and headrest are polyurethane with vinyl upholstery, making this seat not only environmentally friendly (PU is non-toxic for the environment) but also easy to clean and disinfect. The seat assembly is mounted on a standard five-wheel base, with a Class 3 gas lift for height adjustment and a single lock tilting mechanism, just as you’d expect of a quality office chair.

  • Titan Pro Big & Tall Gaming Chair

The Titan Pro Big & Tall is a high-end ergonomic gaming chair designed for people of larger stature, for whom standard ergonomic chairs are unsuitable. At the core of this ergonomic chair is an ultra-robust steel frame made of RB370. This durable material is a type of railway steel, granting this chair a long lifespan.

The seat features an array of comfort features designed to combat back pain and discomfort, such as a 100% PU leather seat filled with memory foam, extra-comfortable armrests, a fully adjustable backrest (up to 170°) and a rocking function mechanism.
In addition, two extra comfortable cushions are supplied in the bow, providing you with additional support for your neck, back, and spine.

The Titan’s base is made of the same RB370 steel as the seat frame, featuring a BIFMA Class 4 gas lift and five high-strength casters, supporting a maximum weight of 330 lbs. If you need the best possible strength and comfort from your office chair, you can’t go wrong with the Titan.

  • Gap High Mesh-Back Executive Chair

One of the aircurrent trends with office chair designs is mesh chairs. They feature a minimalist design with lightweight mesh upholstery instead of a classic, filled seat. If you need an office chair that combines the advantages of mesh and good ergonomics, the Gap High Mesh-Back Executive Chair is a great option.

This stylish office chair is available in various colors, including green, red, orange, gray, violet, or black. All possess a modern, sleek design with a mesh back, providing plenty of airflow and reducing the chair’s overall weight.

Not only is this office chair comfortable, but it also helps combat back pain, thanks to its high-back design, espousing the shape of your back and promoting a healthy sitting posture. Additional ergonomic features include a pair of armrests, a height-adjustable mesh headrest, and a 4-position seat tilting mechanism.

Find the Best Ergonomic Chair for You

Finding the ideal office chair and getting rid of backaches and posture pains isn’t an easy task. Although there are many options available on the market at all price points, you should spare no expense when shopping for a suitable ergonomic office chair.

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